Principles of Professional Nursing Practice
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This module is specifically designed to meet the needs of international nurses undertaking the BSc (Hons) Nursing coming mainly from outside the EU. It therefore recognises the particular needs regarding cultural, educational and professional acclimatisation. It will sensitively address students’ individual needs in relation to their previous professional and educational experience; build on and value these.

Course detail

The focus of the module will therefore be on principles underpinning professional nursing practice incorporating the concepts surrounding Evidence Informed Practice and developing the skills of independent lifelong learning as a professional requirement. It will concentrate on developing related skills including information technology, information literacy in preparing students for further learning.

Benefits include:

  • Development of the degree level study skills, including understanding of reflective and evidence based practice, needed to complete the rest of course.
  • Nurses taking this module are prepared to be critical, reflective professionals able to engage in life- long learning.
  • Nurse who have undertaken this module are able to advocate for patients and to identify the most appropriate care to meet patient needs.

On successful completion of this module you should be able to:

  • Examine the nature of professional relationships and working environments in nursing.
  • Explore the value of reflection as a strategy underpinning learning and professional practice.
  • Critically evaluate strategies for locating information to inform learning and professional practice.

How will this course be taught

The module will run for one full term, teaching days/times will vary.

Induction will take place on the first day of each module (excluding Mentoring).

We welcome students with disabilities. We recognise that education is a right for all who can benefit from it and that students with disabilities have an equal right of access to higher education. Our staff also recognise that individuals with disabilities are the best source of expertise about themselves and their needs. All students with disabilities should be able to participate as far as is reasonably practical in the educational and social activities we make available. Such students should be encouraged to expect equal treatment as individuals and that they and their work will be considered solely on the basis of their quality. 

For further information please contact the Disabilities Officer on 024 7688 8029 or email


This module is normally assessed by:

  • Coursework one: Reflective essay (2000 words).
  • Coursework two: 1 hour Multiple Choice Questions and Short answer paper.