Financial statements, budgets and reports

From this page you can download PDF copies of the latest Annual Report and Financial Statements of Coventry University Group.

Coventry University Group

Copies of all UK based Coventry University subsidiary accounts can be obtained from Companies House at  and searching using either the company name or registered number, all of which are listed below.

Company name and registered number
Company name Registered number
Coventry University Enterprises Limited 02409655
CU Services Limited 06641089
Coventry University London Campus Limited 06997944
Coventry University College Limited 07781274
Serious Games International Limited 07978821
CU Recruitment and Admissions Limited 08398537
CU Social Enterprise CIC 08623249
The Futurelets Limited 09136328
CU Management Services Limited 09303962
Coventry University Online Limited 10958391
Peoplesfuture Limited 10998151