PGR Open Days

Thinking about a Research Master’s degree, PhD, or Professional Doctorate?

There has never been a better time to consider Coventry University’s highly rated Research opportunities

Find out all you need to know about the Research study options at Coventry University - with opportunities to meet research academics and current students.

PGR open days


9 October 2019
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PGR open days


29 January 2020

PGR open days


13 May 2020

PGR open days


14 October 2020

Presentations taking place on the day will cover the following:

  • Research at Coventry University: Overview of the Research Centres and current research activity
  • Why choose Postgraduate Research study: academic excellence; cutting edge; collaborative; global opportunities; careers- including an opportunity to attend a Q&A with some current PGRs
  • The role of Doctoral College & RECAP: researcher support; events & opportunities; social & community; conferences; dedicated space and access
  • Research Programmes and delivery: Research Framework; programmes- options available; modes of attendance; outputs and assessments.
  • Let’s talk Money: Research Studentships- what is available? For self-funded candidates what are the costs, what government funding is available?
  • International students: Welfare and visa guidance for those proposing to continue onto Research study
  • Application Preparation: Application information and guidance overview
  • What next? Consider your position! Preparation for application, or prepare for future aspiration!