Support your application

Support your application

5 things you need to know about our School

  • The School has multiple discipline areas, including Psychology, Criminology, Social Work and Youth studies.
  • The courses are a mixture of theory, laboratory based experiments, workshops and tutorials.
  • Courses are interactive and cover a wide range of applied issues in society; work experience and research opportunities are contained within many of the courses.
  • The School has an international educational and research profile, collaborating with a number of institutions in the UK, Europe and overseas.
  • Field trips and Erasmus years are available for students.

Undergraduate tips

  • Convey enthusiasm for the subject and explain why you want to study psychology.
  • Describe the skills that you have and how these will help you cope with degree level study.
  • Tell us about your real world experiences as well as your academic knowledge and skills.
  • Demonstrate that you have researched our university, our course and possible careers.
  • Proof read your statement very carefully to eliminate typos and grammatical errors.

Postgraduate tips

  • Check the course criteria and entry requirements and ensure you meet these.
  • Think about your funding, are you self-funding or and what schemes and loans you can access to support you.
  • Talk about what motivates you in your personal statement.
  • Cover any previous related employment voluntary, work experiences as well as paid employment.
  • If you are returning student to study after a period of leave consider what support you will need to help with your studies.

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