Future Health

Future Health

In January 2019, to celebrate Coventry as European City of Sport, the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences will launch a new physical activity and wellness service called Coventry University Future Health.  

Located in the state of the art Alison Gingell building, Coventry University Future Health will house a Sports Injury and Performance Centre and will offer a range of services for students, staff, local residents and sports clubs.

These will include:

Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy Service

Assessment and treatments for a range of muscoskeletal pain and dysfunctions.


Sport and Exercise Physiology

Helping athletes and teams to achieve their potential through individually tailored testing and advice.


Strength and Conditioning

Bridging the gap between the theory of training and the applied delivery of training and rehabilitation to the athlete.


Sport and Exercise Biomechanics

Understanding how and why the human body moves in the way it does to improve performance and reduce risk of injury.


Sport and Exercise Psychology

Support to help you to maximise your performance as an individual athlete or team.


Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Understanding the importance of sports and exercise nutrition on training, competition and recovery.


Physical Activity and Health

Immediate and long-term positive impacts on physical, mental and social health.



More details about the full range of services and costs will be available here in early January 2019. 

For general enquiries contact futurehealth@coventry.ac.uk and for an appointment with Dr Chris Speers, Musculoskeletal, Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultant.