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AI enhanced 3D human body shape estimation and garment redressing from clothed 3D scan sequences

The Centre for Computational Science and Mathematical Modelling invite applicants to a fully-funded studentship which will consider how UK fashion retailers have long struggled with the cost of returns and look into 3D body scanning technology.

Hybrid Batteries for High Power Energy Storage (Coventry University starting)

This fully funded Studentship in the Centre for E-Mobility and Clean Growth will aim to develop a new type of battery hybrid device, utilising various battery and supercapacitor materials and hybridising at the electrode level.

Understanding and addressing the uptake of Rehabilitative, Assistive and Restorative Technologies by underserved communities

The Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities are offering a fully-funded opportunity that seeks to explore and understand variability in the acceptance and adoption of rehabilitation, assistive and restorative technologies.

Interoception of breathing and the effects on the cortical control of balance

The Centre for Physical Activity, Sport and Exercise Sciences have a fully funded project available, bringing together different disciplines to probe the role of intero-ception in the generation of fear of falling.

Plastic Pollution as an Anthropogenic Threat to Human Health: The Impact of Nano- and Microplastics Accumulation on Skeletal Muscle Function

The Centre for Physical Activity, Sport and Exercise Sciences is pleased to invite applications for a fully funded PhD 'The Impact of Nano- and Microplastics Accumulation on Skeletal Muscle Function'.

Designing and Testing Safer Public Transport for Women

We are looking for a motivated, passionate individual with a keen interest in practical, impactful research to join us for this PhD studentship.

Numerical Investigation of Liquid Metal Magneto-Coriolis-Centrifugal Convection

This PhD project will focus on the modelling of electro-magnetic effects, in particular, clarify the possible role of Alfvén waves in planetary core convection.

Trailblazers: The Early Career Researcher and PhD Candidate Partnering Scheme

The scheme provides PhD candidates with an innovative and dynamic intellectual space in which to undertake transformative research, whilst fully supported by a team of experienced supervisors.

Movement behaviours, cardiometabolic health and quality of life in adults from Black ethnicity

This fully funded project will aim to improve the understanding of movement behavioural pat-terns (i.e., sedentary time, light to vigorous activity and sleep), cardiometabolic health and quality of life of UK Black adults.

Distributed Multilateral Trust Model in 5G/6G Mobile Communication Networks

This PhD project is part of the Cotutelle arrangement between Coventry University, UK and Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

Ensuring sustainability of teacher workforce in England: Identifying the antecedents of early career Mathematics teachers’ attrition and developing strategies to improve their retention

The Centre for Global Learning is pleased to invite applicants to a funded opportunity on the sustainability of teacher workforce in England.

Taxation, money laundering and integrity risks and compliance challenges in the arts and antiquities markets

Using doctrinal and socio-legal research methodologies, the project will focus on innovatively unveiling the salient tax crime, money laundering, and integrity risks and challenges in the arts and antiquities markets.

Co-creating a HealthTech evaluation approach that captures what matters most to people living with one or more long-term conditions

The Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities are offering a fully-funded opportunity that seeks to explore the balance of the data needed to ensure useful, valid and reliable measurement.

Becoming a doctoral candidate: from expert to learner and back again

This opportunity will explore experiences of PGRs as they journey from professional expert to learner, before becoming an expert once more in a new way.

Predicting diagnosis and symptom severity in ADHD with deep learning and network analysis using EEG (Coventry led)

This project aims to explore whether EEG can provide a quantitative and effective approach for the diagnosis and severity monitoring of ADHD. 

Using lipid nano-particles to study G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)

This exciting PhD project in the laboratory of Professor Mark Wheatley, Professor of Biochemical Pharmacology is a joint PhD between Coventry University and Stellenbosch University with the student being registered for a PhD at both Universities

Interrogating Situated Colonial Practices in the Dance Archive

This fully funded PhD project will examine the historical and geographical relevance of colonial histories in relation to dance and archival practices within the Centre for Dance Research.

Atlantic Stories, Colonial Legacies and the Bodleian Library, 1650-1800

The Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities have a fully funded studentship project, which examines the legacies of English transatlantic colonialism as preserved in the collections of the Bodleian Libraries.

The role of health technology in menopause support: co-designing culturally and socially appropriate solutions

The Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities are offering a fully-funded opportunity which seeks to identify and understand the needs and priorities of people experiencing the menopause through language-based and creative methods.

Feedback, attainment and underperformance in higher education (Coventry Starting)

The Centre for Global Education have a fully funded Studentship looking at how and with what sort of inputs and processes students engage (or do not engage), especially for those who have low outcomes.