ViRAL - Virtual Reality Archive Learning


EU Erasmus+

Value to Coventry University


Total value of project


Project team

Jacqueline Cawston


  • Coventry University
  • Dorbirn, Austria (lead)
  • Eldedberry, Sweden
  • ELearning Studios, UK
  • Wuppertal, Germany
  • Osijek, Croatia
  • Torres Novas, Portugal

Duration of project

01/09/18 - 31/08/21

Project overview

The aim of the ViRAL project is to upskill less advantaged community groups through engagement with local cultural heritage and the use of archives. The project focuses on Europe's post-industrial communities, specifically; using five archives from Dornbirn; Wuppertal; Osijek; Torres Novas and Coventry. By using new virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degree movies and documentary methods ViRAL will enable the development of new competences, skilling and upskilling adults, to help reduce the effects of isolation, exclusion and underemployment with associated health and social problems.

Project objectives

The outputs developed as part of the project are:
1. A methodological framework in the form of a handbook to boost the key competences of adults
2. A Learning Outcome Matrix according to the European Qualification Framework in terms of knowledge, skills and competences.
3. Virtual reality (VR), 360 degree-movies (360) and augmented reality (AR) training resources for adult education in a context of safeguarding the memories of their local industrial heritage
4. A continuous professional development (CPD) course for adult educators and adult educators at cultural heritage institutions
5. A multilingual learning platform providing open and instant access to the full suite of project's outputs.

  • Societal Impact:

    The project is expected to impact the groups involved directly, in terms of trainers and participants. Since industrial history goes hand in hand with the history of migration, ViRAL will be also a starting point for many community members to investigate their own life-stories. The objectives include enhancing the sense of belonging that communities have towards their post-industrial sites even when such employment has long since disappeared. Shared dialogues and narratives emerging of local and family history, can help to break down people’s assumptions about identity, race and equality

    Academic Impact:

    The project mission is to use the culture of industrial heritage as an educational resource for adults through VR/ AR/360. ViRAL will offer new skills and upskilling for adults in key competences, and at the same time equip adult educators and cultural heritage professionals to collect and archive heritage material. Participants will be trained to create VR/AR/360 resources. Impact from the outputs of the project will inform educators of the innovative use of immersive story telling for less advantaged groups.

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