WhoLoDance: Whole-Body Interaction Learning for Dance Education


H2020-ICT-2015-single-stage (Topic: Technologies for better human learning and teaching, ICT-20-2015) Research and Innovation Action

To C-DaRE: €206,973.03

Lynkeus SRL- Co-ordinator (Italy), Athena RC (Greece), Motek Entertainment (Netherlands), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Università di Genova (Italy), Peachnote GmbH (Germany), INSTITUTO STOCOS (Spain), K. DANSE (France), Lyceum Club of Greek Women (Greece)

Sarah Whatley (lead), Rosa Cisneros, Ruth Gibson, Karen Wood

By applying Multimodal Sensing and Capturing Analysis, WhoLoDance will make use of advanced motion capture technologies as well as of EMG, bio-sensors, video, audio and accelerometers, to transfer dance movements into digital data in such a way that makes it possible to blend any specific motion element with any other motion element within the motion capture database. This will allow WhoLoDance to deliver varied combinations of dance moves contained in a teaching syllabus and its Multimodal Rendering, based on the use of Life-size Holograms or other volumetric projection display methods, as well as on touch feedback, spatial audio, and abstract visualization that focuses on the peripheral vision and the “sense of self” for the dancer. By applying HLFs analysis, sequence similarity and live-indexing clustering methods, WhoLoDance will also make it possible to develop and train multi-modal feature extraction algorithms and related applications (search, real-time feedback, classification, automated annotation, etc.) leading to automatic identification and comparison of dance patterns and styles. For more information visit the project website - http://www.wholodance.eu/

Capturing Ballet

Capturing Contemporary

Capturing Flamenco

WhoLoDance July

To see more videos visit the WholoDance Vimeo channel.