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InnEx will develop a highly innovative lightweight exhaust system for forced induction diesel and petrol automotive vehicles. Computer aided engineering and the application of cost effective materials and manufacturing methods will deliver a 50% (15kg) reduction in the mass of an exhaust.

The project will develop material processes for the catalytic hot-end of the exhaust system and addresses challenges of down-gauging exhaust components in terms of jigging, forming, joining, metrology and overall design methodology.

An annual lifetime CO2 saving of 375 kg per vehicle, reduced customer fuel bills and 5% reduction of precious metals used in catalytic converters are expected.


Current and future emissions legislation is driving up the weight of automotive vehicles, however taxation is aimed at driving the CO2 down. InnEx will mitigate the trend of increasing weight, and:

• reduce production system costs for vehicle manufacturers;

• enable vehicle manufacturers to achieve stringent EU emission targets and reduce exposure to fleet consumption penalties;

• reduced exposure to US Corporate Average Fuel Economy penalties;

• provide vehicle performance and fuel economy benefits to end users.

Innovate UK funding supports our collaborative cross-sectoral partnership, comprises supply chain from material, equipment and component suppliers through to OEM, to rapidly accelerate development and market readiness of new lightweight technology.

The targeted UK automotive market for lightweight exhausts manufactured 1,460,000 new vehicles in 2013, exporting approximately 80% of which half went to EU countries. UPA estimates it can generate ~ £18M of new business within 2 yrs of the project through 90,000 additional hot and cold end units and a further 190,000 units 5yrs post project, generating > £100M of new business. 

JLR sell nearly 440,000 vehicles per year (which would all benefit from this technology) and are targeting a worldwide sales increase to 1,000,000 pa by 2020. The project will support their enhanced competitive edge in a global vehicle market worth £25Bn to JLR.

Technologies developed will be patent proteted and exploited for other products (e.g. fuel tanks) and future licenscing. InnEx will lead to employment opportunities for engineers in operating machinery and parts testing and create highly skilled engineering positions in exhaust system design.

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