COMODAL - Consumer Models for the Assisted Living Sector


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Project objectives

This is a three year project known as COMODAL (COnsumer MODels for Assisted Living). The purpose of the COMODAL research project was to analyse the electronic Assisted Living.

Technology (eALT) market potential and propose new business models to take the market forward.

Consultation with consumers and customers, senior industry figures and representatives of other key stakeholders was carried out using multiple research methods, including a market analysis, a large scale street survey, in-depth interviews and a series of focus groups and co-creation workshops to identify barriers to market development, and identify enablers to overcome those barriers.

Research impact

Findings from the engagement with consumers were discussed through in-depth interviews with Directors and Senior Managers of a cross section of firms and organizations in the Assisted Living Technologies (ALT) sector and together with information from the  market analysis were developed into four new business models for the electronic ALT market. 

All four models have been validated by a series of industry experts, each model with its own strengths and weaknesses, and each being appropriate to different contexts. But importantly the business models do not exist in isolation. They are part of the wider context, and any proposed change needs to influence external factors to increase the chances of success for any firms adopting one, or a combination of these new models. The most prominent example of this is the need for both external and internal methods of generating both education and information.

One of the experts argued that demand isn’t necessarily waiting to be exploited, sometimes you have to create demand, or, it might be argued you need to ‘help it along a bit’. Mason in her research into business models commented, “Markets aren’t just “out there” - they need to be made” (Mason, 2012). Both of these comments reinforce the potential of large scale business with a trusted brand easing significant parts of their existing customer base into related products and services incorporating ALT, but importantly providing solutions, not selling “products”. The project was part of the ongoing Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP) programme funded by Innovate.

Read more about the COMODAL research findings. (PDF 2MB+)

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