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Arts and Humanities Council (AHRC)
Newton Fund

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Project team

Projessor Sylvester Arnab, Dr Luca Morini, Dr Samantha Clarke, Jayne Beaufoy


Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

Duration of project

17/01/17 - 16/01/19


Project overview

The CreativeCulture project aims to expand the GameChangers programme to address educational challenges within the context of inclusive learning for learners from the rural parts of Malaysia Borneo. CreativeCulture will involve collaborations with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), where we will explore, exploit and experiment the impact of arts, design and culture in enhancing creative thinking and development in education (primary and secondary K12) through game design and computational thinking as an approach and instrument for fostering creative problem solving and transcultural practices in Malaysia.

Art and Design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century. The CreativeCulture project is aligned with the inclusion of Arts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education (STEAM), realising the potential of these subjects by enabling true innovation and new thinking through creativity. Art and culture boost creativity and creativity leads to innovation, new thinking and moving beyond existing skills; all together are triggers and needed in the social transformation. We thus need to allow for fun, playful, hands-on, socially and culturally grounded explorations of curricular topics during primary and secondary school to foster contextualised and deeper learning. In this project, creating games as a cooperative activity on the edge of the diverse fields of Art, Design, Culture, Science, and Engineering can be a fertile ground to cultivate these mind-sets and practices, and to provide a place for them to meet and learn how to fruitfully cooperate in a global setting (transcultural and transdisciplinary).

Project objectives

  • To collaboratively develop a game design and computational thinking programme (CreativeCulture Lab) that will make game design and development accessible to teachers and students, promoting transcultural and transdisciplinary ‘learning by designing': The programme will create a creative culture, where disciplinary and cultural barriers will be removed to allow learners and teachers to experiment on new techniques in problem solving. Open resources (online CreativeCulture hub) and workshops will be organised to support a community of game design thinkers. CreativeCulture ambassadors from the participants (teachers as coaches, students as designers, developers, managers, etc.) and the local facilitators (mentoring) will be created and trained to run the CreativeCulture Labs independently. Key deliverables: Adaptable/adoptable CreativeCulture Lab blueprint and toolkits to be developed and validated, ambassadors/champions from the pilot locations to be identified and trained and an online Hub to be developed. 
  • To design and implement participatory studies, involving the local, rural and indigenous communities in Malaysian and Borneo (learners and teachers): The CreativeCulture Lab blueprint will be implemented in two stages. The first is to mock up a lab that will involve a small number of participants, which will inform the final pilot in the different sites in Sarawak, Malaysia involving larger number of participants. Key deliverables: CreativeCulture Lab to be carried out as an extra-curricular and/or part of curriculum.
  • To facilitate, capture and evaluate experience, learning outcomes and transferability of approach: The pilot will capture the experience and evaluate the transferability of knowledge and skills and experience gained by the participants. Key deliverables: Analysis of lessons learnt and finalised CreativeCulture Lab blueprint(s) for adoption.
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