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Project overview

A Pathfinder II Investment is intended to produce a fully viable proposition ready for seed investment (from The Mercia Fund 1 and/or other parties). It is proposed that this be made up of an objective assessment of the technology and its market; clear commercial thinking on its exploitation, and a detailed plan of action. This process will also include the preparation of a full business plan and an investment presentation. In many cases the project will have passed through the Pathfinder I Investment process and will be seen as a prospective 'university spin-out' investment. 

Project objectives

The Pathfinder II Investment would cover in respect of the project: 

Part 1 - Data points

Product assessment in respect of: 

  • unique selling points and derived benefits
  • the competitive landscape
  • costs

Market assessment of: 

  • any primary market research data from potential customers
  • market segments and size
  • growth options for the technology as a mature business

Part 2 - Commercial thinking

  • analysis of value chain positions available to the project
  • development and assessment of possible business models
  • development of a commercial strategy for exploitation
  • consideration of possible exit routes and identification of possible acquirers

Part 3 - Implementation plan

Preparation of:

  • a task schedule for year 1 (detailed) and year 2 (outline)
  • a financial plan for years 1 and 2
  • a resource and skills requirements plan
  • a summary of immediate next actions

Part 4 - Business plan and investment presentation

  • preparation of a complete business plan integrating the above elements
  • an investment presentation
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