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Illustration of an aircraft cockpit

Future Flight Deck


Innovate UK

Total value of project

£11 million

Value to Coventry University


Project team

Professor Don Harris, Dr John Huddlestone, Dr James Blundell, Dr Steve Scott, Dale Richards


GE Aviation Systems (Lead), BAE Systems, University of Southampton

Duration of project

01/10/2013 - 31/12/2016

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Project overview

The design of next generation flight decks are primarily being driven by requirements to support aircraft operation in SESAR or NextGen airspace. In addition the flight deck design must support associated concepts such as 4-D flight planning and zero visibility landing which extend the operational envelop and offer significant fuel savings.

The advanced capabilities of the proposed flight deck technologies will also improve the availability of the aircraft by providing the pilot with a fuller picture of the aircraft situation, supporting the decision making process and optimising the availability of the aircraft across a range of operational scenarios thereby improving the passenger experience.

The future flight deck technology project will develop a new flight deck architecture and technologies including displays, data networks, graphics and general processing on which to implement the architecture.

The project challenge for the partners is to reduce the time to market, cost, size, weight and power while improving the capability and functionality of a new flexible, open architecture flight deck capable of being operated by a reduced number of flight deck crew. The aim of the project is to develop a sustainable UK capability in the design and delivery of next generation aircraft flight decks.

Project objectives

To develop new pilot-centred interface technologies to improve situation awareness, decision making and improve the availability of aircraft in adverse weather.

A further major objective is to develop novel system architectures which will allow for the safe and expedient operation of commercial aircraft with a reduced number of crew.

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