Special Interest Group in Particulate Matter Filtration Flows in Automotive and Marine Applications

This Special Interest Group (part of the UK Fluids network) brings together industry, academia and policy makers to boost research in filtration flows in automotive and marine applications.

Datamining medieval medical texts for modern medicines

Combinations of natural compounds could be the result of empirical work by premodern physicians to produce efficacious remedies. However, quantitative analyses of how medieval physicians used the materials available to them to create remedies.

Information geometric theory of neural information processing and disorder

This project aims to develop a new model-free information geometric theory of neural information processing for the practical purpose of improved disorder diagnosis by overcoming various current challenges.

Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Simulation Models

Over the years key models have become unavailable as the websites that supported them have been decommissioned. The objective is to make them available to the research community at a single location.

Modelling turbulence induced by hydrodynamic instability in differentially-rotating flow

Rotating flow is also important in industrial processes to produce homogenised products by efficient turbulent mixing. Rotation profiles of fluid flow are often differential, i.e. the angular speed varies with radius from the rotation axis.

Hysteresis of two-phase flows in porous and fractured media: From micro-scale Haines jumps to macro-scale pressure-saturation curves

Fluid displacement plays a key role in a wide range of applications, including agriculture and hydrology, biology, energy and environmental engineering, and industrial processes such as printing and curing of cement and foods.

Nonlinear flow states and turbulence produced by helical magnetorotational-type instabilities (Solar Studies)

 To investigate the origin of turbulence in hydrodynamically stable astrophysical flows by developing a nonlinear stability theory of helical magnetorotational instability (HMRI)

COSPAR: A probabilistic approach to planetary protection

This project offers an opportunity to update the international COSPAR Policy on Planetary Protection and will develop international leadership in planetary protection.