Your money, your life: Lived experiences of young people’s borrowing

This research will explore young people’s (aged 18-24) lived experience of borrowing, their use of credit and perceptions of their current (and of their future) financial vulnerability. Young people will actively participate in designing solutions to reduce their financial vulnerability.

Addressing inequality, enhancing diversity and facilitating greater dialogue in the hosting of sporting mega events (EventRights)

The EventRights project will explore and produce recommendations as to how major sporting events (MSEs) can influence MSE organising committees and other stakeholders to ensure that progressive social opportunities to address inequality, enhance diversity. 

Knowledgeable, comprehensive and fully integrated smart solution for resilient, sustainable and optimised transport operations (KEYSTONE)

The overall goal of KEYSTONE is to support the development of a sustainable, efficient, and safe transport system, allowing enforcement authorities to access data for the purpose of compliance with rules applied in the transport of goods and passengers.

Big Data, Big Capabilities: Developing the Senior Finance Professionals of the Future to Exploit the Benefits of Big Data

This study aims to examine the main capabilities that senior finance professionals/accountants need to make good use of BD in their decision-making and propose how senior finance professionals/accountants can acquire and develop a portfolio of these new capabilities.

Co-designing Digital Strategies for the Museum and Education Sectors

The objective is to investigate the challenges and ‘good digital practice’ activities undertaken by museums, primarily with schools, during the pandemic.

Creative Freelancer Business Models and Place-based Growth

The project is designed to address an important evidence gap around the contribution of freelancers to the economic and place-based impacts of the creative industries.

TechSTER: Tech Students, Entrepreneurial Routes

aiming to enhance entrepreneurial and soft skills and behaviours of teachers and students in Higher Education Institutions

New Frontiers in Social Innovation Research: Social Innovation Management for BIOPlastics (SIMBIO)

A CBiS project exploring the social and environmental implications of bio-based packaging

Tackling loneliness and social isolation: An evaluation of the Chatty Café Scheme services

This research project is designed to explore the impact of the Chatty Café Services. To explore how people perceive these services, the difference they make in people’s lives and to understand if there are ways in which these services can be improved.

An agent-based modelling simulation on nudging recycling behaviour for novel materials: A case study for bioplastics

This project examines in what ways a nudge recycling campaign influences the disposal behaviour of bioplastics in higher education (HE) students.

Reducing Financial Vulnerability within Birmingham's Muslim Community

A research project led by the Centre for Business in Society aiming to Reduce Financial Vulnerability within Birmingham's Muslim Community.

Creative Accounting: Evolving Mindsets for Business and Finance Professionals

The aim of this project is to investigate how, through performance-led artistic interventions and provocations, the creative arts and playfulness can best be utilised to change traditional mindsets and facilitate a more integrated approach to the business of accounting.