Knowledgeable, comprehensive and fully integrated smart solution for resilient, sustainable and optimised transport operations (KEYSTONE)

The overall goal of KEYSTONE is to support the development of a sustainable, efficient, and safe transport system, allowing enforcement authorities to access data for the purpose of compliance with rules applied in the transport of goods and passengers.

Empowering Women Leadership in Higher Education Towards Digitalisation and Globalisation Ages

The project aims at providing knowledge and skills for women leaders in HE in Vietnam for empowering women leadership in the context of Digitalisation and Globalisation.

Impact of oil price fluctuations and volatility on the business cycle of major oil exporting and importing countries

This research aims to analyse the relationship between oil prices changes (volatility) on the business cycle of major oil exporting and importing countries.

PRiFin - Perception of Risk in the Financial System: The Impact of Financial Innovation on the Perception-Belief-Behaviour Nexus – Preliminary Findings

It has become more crucial than ever to improve our understanding of perceptions in risk-taking and risk-seeking in the financial operator’s decision-making process. 

Exploring the glass-cliff phenomenon in the appointments of female Chairpersons on FTSE350 boards

The study will help develop insights into the impact of recent regulatory initiatives on female leaders and any changes that may be warranted in policy & praxis for the sustainable growth of female leaders and organisations.