'Women in Research' Blog Launched to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Clair Dempsey and Rosemary Cisneros

Image left: Clair Dempsey, Postgraduate Researcher, Centre for Intelligent Healthcare; image right: Rosemary Cisneros, Research Fellow, Centre for Dance Research.

Friday 06 March 2020

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The Women in Research (WinR) network has launched a new blog to celebrate the diversity of work being undertaken by female researchers across the university.

The blog posts form conversations between researchers which celebrate their work and share inspirations and experiences.

The posts feature research spotlights of women at all stages of their research careers at Coventry, including Clair Dempsey (Centre for Intelligent Healthcare) whose research has developed mindfulness based interventions for people living with endometriosis, and Rosemary Cisneros (Centre for Dance Research) whose research spans across dance, digital heritage, and social inclusion.

The WinR initiative was launched in November 2019 by PhD researcher Molly Browne from the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities, supported by the Doctoral College & Centre for Research Capability and Development. It aims to provide a safe and supportive space for women in research to discuss the challenges and benefits of working within a research environment, share ideas and support one another.

The WinR Spotlights for International Women's Day 2020

Sana Iqbal

Postgraduate Researcher Sana talks about her research into the transport poverty faced by women in Karachi, Pakistan, and the importance of bringing gender equality to the transport sector, and more generally to the field of research.

Harness each other’s potential and mobilize more women to join your cause.

Rosemary Cisneros

Research Fellow Rosemary merges activism with the arts through her work at the Centre for Dance Research. She talks about her sources of inspiration and strength, and why ‘equality’ isn’t just a buzz word.

Working together we can better learn how we complement one another and this can foster a more cohesive, trusting, solid and creative workforce

Jennifer Dudley

Postgraduate Researcher Jennifer is researching women artists’ engagement with contemporary sculpture in the 1980s at the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities. Much of her inspiration on a day to day basis comes from the women around her.

Role models are super important – you can’t be what you can’t see

Clair Dempsey

Postgraduate Researcher Clair is currently designing an eight week mindfulness-based intervention for women living with endometriosis and/or adenomyosis, and highlights the ongoing importance of ensuring equal representation in what is still a largely male dominated field.

Be curious about what you enjoy about research, find your passion. This is what will get you through the toughest days.

The network hosts monthly meetings and welcomes all Postgraduate Researchers, Early Career Researchers, research staff members and research support staff members who work across the university in a range of research centres and faculties.

Find out more information on the WinR website.