Our sports support services


Physiotherapy is a vital element in elite sports performance and can often make the difference between success and failure.

The Therapy Clinic offers rapid access to an experienced chartered physiotherapist who will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the injury concern and then formulate a high quality treatment and rehabilitation plan to get you back on track. The clinic offers various treatments such as mobilisation/manipulation, acupuncture, sports massage, taping, ultrasound/interferential therapy and functional rehabilitation. We are based in the Sports and Recreation Centre which encompasses treatment rooms, sports halls and a fully equipped gym (subject to extra charges) .

Steve Alvey is the lead physiotherapist at the clinic. He has over 8 years' experience dealing with musculoskeletal injuries and has a strong background in sports and performance. Prior to completing his Physiotherapy degree in Cardiff University, he studied Sport Science and Physical Education at undergraduate level before completing a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University.

Physiotherapist manipulating a client's ankle

Strength and Conditioning

Based next door to Coventry University sports centre gym, the strength and conditioning suite is fully equipped with squat racks, Eleiko competition bars and weight plates and other high quality training equipment. This space is used solely for high performance training and is in place, along with our staff to help you fully achieve your potential as an athlete while you study.


The facility is managed by 2 full time UKSCA accredited coaches Alex Neill and Callum Blades, who between them have experience of coaching both professional and amateur athletes across a wide range of sports.

After an initial screening and physiological assessment, a bespoke strength and conditioning programme is tailored to meet each athlete’s personal goals and the requirements needed to perform in their sport. The athlete’s performance is then periodically analysed throughout the programme and adjusted accordingly. These support programmes are designed to reduce the potential for injury, correct postural issues, rehabilitate from previous injury and increase athletic performance in all domains.

Pre-season screening

At the beginning of the year, each scholar undergoes a functional movement assessment. Issues with movement control are then identified and addressed through physiotherapy and strength and conditioning support to prevent injury and enhance performance. Reassessment is also provided later in the year to assess the effectiveness of the given support, detect new concerns and help develop further treatment/conditioning strategies.

Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Nutrition is not just the knowing what foods to eat, but when to eat them. Your diet provides all of the essential nutrients such as carbohydrate, fat, protein vitamins and minerals. The precise optimal quantity of each nutrient is dependent on your age, gender and level of physical activity. The key is to consume these nutrients in sufficient quantities and in the correct proportions to promote good health and optimal performance. Therefore, your diet has the opportunity to make a major impact on your body as well as preparation and recovery from training and competition.

students cooking in a class

Based on up-to-date research we will provide information so that you can look after yourself in the safe knowledge that the food and drink they consume is correct and that it will only help and not hinder their health and fitness goals. In essence you will gain information regarding the importance of good nutrition and practical advice to ensure that you stay healthy and are able train and compete to the level you require.

The services provided to sports scholars include:

  • nutritional education;
  • literature resources;
  • group or one-to-one consultation;
  • dietary and hydration assessment and monitoring;
  • anthropometrical assessment and monitoring;
  • training and competition diet and hydration programming.

Sport Psychology

Sport psychology support is delivered to scholars with the aim of developing and improving a range of psychological skills that may be integrated into training or competition situations in order to improve performance. Support may be delivered as educational sessions to groups or alternatively more in depth support can be provided which involves a full assessment before commencing one to one support targeting specific areas of performance.

Mentoring and lifestyle support

Each scholar is assigned a mentor who they meet with to discuss lifestyle support and advice throughout the year. The support provided is centred around the specific needs of the athlete and focuses on areas such as performance sport, academic study and life at University. The athlete is encouraged to effectively balance these demands, recognising the associated challenges and how they can be overcome.

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