Self-Isolation in Accommodation

Self-Isolation in Accommodation

The self-isolation arrangements will vary for students, depending on where they have come from and the government rules in place at the time of arrival. Here is everything you need to know about how Self-Isolation will work in accommodation.

All Students

  1. You can arrive during your pre-booked arrival timeslot
  2. Complete our Covid-19 disclaimer
  3. Collect your keys
  4. Move into your room

There may be a mix of residents within your flat who have come from bridge and non-bridge countries - we will provide you with rotas for the communal areas e.g. shared kitchens, to ensure you can use the facilities without impacting on residents' self-isolation. We will also provide you with additional cleaning products - it will be your responsibility to ensure the facilities are kept clean.

Bridge countries - these are countries which the UK Government do NOT require a standard 14 days self-isolation when you travel from them.

Non-Bridge countries - these are countries which the UK Government DO require a standard 14 days self-isolation when you travel from them.

The term 'bridge' refers to the Government term of 'air bridges'. Please check the UK Government website for the latest list of bridge and non-bridge countries, and whether you will have to self-isolate or not when you arrive. You can find a list of countries on the UK Government website.

Students arriving from bridge countries

You don't need to do anything else.

Students arriving from NON-bridge countries

Once you have moved into your room, you will then need to self-isolate for 14 days in your room. You can use the communal areas (e.g. shared kitchens) as per the access rotas and additional cleaning responsibilities in place, but you CANNOT leave your flat during this 14-day period.

If you start showing symptoms

If you start to show symptoms after you arrive, regardless of where you have come from, you will need to self-isolate in your room for 14 days from the date you first develop symptoms. This means non-bridge students may have to self-isolate for longer than 14 days in total depending on when their arrival self-solation began and they first developed symptoms.

If you have symptoms on arrival, you will be moved into a temporary room to complete a 14-day self-isolation. Once this period of self-isolation has elapsed, you will then be able to move into your permanent accommodation. 

In line with current UK Government guidance, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days after you arrive, unless you are travelling from certain countries or territories. We recommend you read the government guidance carefully, and contact us at if you have any further questions.

You will be able to self-isolate for this 14 day period in your university-owned accommodation. All contracts will start on either 8th or 16th January 2021. We may be able to offer an earlier start date if required, providing sufficient time to self-isolate before the semester/block starts (subject to availability).

Please notify reception on arrival of your requirement to self-isolate and accommodation staff can then support you with food delivery, waste removal, cleaning packs and wellbeing support for the period of isolation.

Please note, this information relates only to university-owned accommodation with FutureLets, and partner accommodation will have their own contracts and policies.

Additional information can be found on the International Student Covid-19 FAQs page.

If you are showing no symptoms on arrival, you can self-isolate in your allocated room. If you are showing symptoms on arrival then you will be required to self-isolate in a temporary room until the 14 days has elapsed.

We will be able to provide you with various services, including:

  • Communal areas will be regularly cleaned.
  • Cleaning supplies will be provided to residents for them to clean shared bathrooms areas (if applicable)
  • Rubbish will be removed - please ensure you double-bag your rubbish

We will be following government advice on any self-isolation processes that are put in place for international arrivals or people displaying symptoms of the virus and our site teams are prepared to be able to fully support students to be quarantined safely but still be connected. Our site teams can assist with deliveries, waste removal and supporting all forms of well-being of any residents in self-isolation, including welfare calls from the FutureLets ResLife team to check on your physical and mental well-being.

In Priory Hall and Quadrant Hall:

You will have 3 meals delivered, 7 days a week at 2 points in the day (breakfast and lunch delivered together, and dinner delivered on its own). You will be sent a menu the day before, and you will be able to submit your choices.

In other halls:

You will be able to order groceries and basic supplies via our online ordering system (you will be given access to this once you arrive). These will be delivered to you in your hall. Please note that charges will apply.

Our ResLife team will be hosting lots of virtual activities and you can sign up to as many as you like – examples include virtual quizzes, virtual day trips, virtual cooking sessions and more.

Yes – if you arrive and have symptoms, you will be placed in a self-isolation flat in university halls until your 14-day self-isolation period has passed.

Your luggage will be disinfected and transported by a member of the FutureLets team, to your allocated accommodation. You will have to make your own way there – most of our accommodations are within easy walking distance of each other, or you may wish to book a taxi.

You will need to self-isolate for 10 days (if you develop symptoms) or 14 days (if you are contacted by the NHS Test & Trace service), as per the UK Government guidance, and inform your halls team as soon as possible so we can arrange the appropriate support. You should also report the case on the University's reporting site, and they will be able to arrange various types of support for you in relation to your course and wellbeing.

For information on private lettings, please visit our dedicated website


Images are intended to be representative only. Neither Coventry University nor FutureLets guarantee that the layout or style of any accommodation offered to you will be the same as that depicted. Neither Coventry University nor FutureLets guarantee that any accommodation offered to you will come with any particular contents, furniture or facilities other than those expressly stated as being available in each property as set out on the Coventry University website.

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