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A one day course focused on assessing the suitability of a measuring system, historically referred to as a gauge, to complete the measurement tasks assigned to it. Focusing on the Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) study we will look at good practice in planning and implementation.

Course detail

A valuable part of modern manufacturing process control is being able to rely on the data you use to assess process capability. Therefore, it is important to understand the actual measurement processes own capability, the influences that exacerbate variation in measurement need to be understood as part of the decision making in a company. Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility trials and other tools all underpin the manufacturing processes own control.

Modern digital devices regularly report dimensions to the micrometre (0.001mm) but the actual capability of the system is affected by far more than just resolution. This course will impart how you can assess the combined influence of additional multiple variables such as operator, environment, the part itself and general system performance to gain a fuller picture of a measurement systems capability. Looking at causes of variation and various tools such as Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) and Gauge Repeatability (Type 1) studies, then applied through actual activates to support learning.

Learning outcomes:

  • To recognise the causes of variation in a measuring system from people, equipment, environment and the part / manufacturing process
  • To understand how measurement process capability contributes to variation in measured data and the impact on a business effectiveness
  • An understanding of statistical and assessment tools used in gauge capability studies
  • The skills and knowledge to design and implement a successful capability study, interpreting results and effecting improvement
  • An introduction to Measuring Systems Analysis (MSA) and the importance of planning and best practice application

This course is suitable for Measurement Technicians, Inspectors, Production / Manufacturing / Quality / Design Engineers who have to manage or assess measurement processes, Coordinate Measuring System champions, Metrologists. As a CPD activity for those with a requirement to plan measurement or understand the results from measurement systems.

How will this course be taught

A one day course either at your site (subject to numbers) or in our dedicated training centres. All materials and equipment is provided by the University including a course workbook.

The course is one day duration from 8:30am till 4:30pm with parking, refreshments and a buffet lunch are included when on our sites.


This is a continual professional development course with a certificate of completion form Coventry University for those that attend.