Open Day booking form

How to use the Open Day booking form

  1. Complete your name and address details and select a mode of study. You are now ready to build your schedule for the day.
  2. Select a course from the Course of Interest drop-down list, the event and number of guests.
  3. Then use the filter funnel / filter by tag function to find the matching course information session (Tip: Type the first few letters of your course of interest to make sure you book on to the right session).
  4. Then select a session time.

If you wish to book a second course information session, simply repeat steps 2 and 3 clearing the filter tag first.

There are also some central presentations that can be slotted in to your day. To book any of these, clear any filters and scroll through the list to the Presentations.

The booking system will let you know if any of your sessions clash.

Don’t forget to leave time in your day for other activities like a campus tour, an accommodation tour and to get some lunch!