Library Building and Maintenance Works

The library is pleased to announce a series of exciting recent upgrade projects over the summer of 2018 and into 2019.

The following works have recently been completed:

  • Installation of a coffee and snack pod on Floor 3 (DMLL)
  • Improvements to the facilities available in the Postgraduate Reading Room
  • Replacement of all the lights with new energy saving LEDs
  • New chairs throughout the ground floor
  • Refurbishment of the female and male toilets on each floor
  • Cleaning and repair to the ventilation towers.

A larger scheme which began in August 2018 will see the major remodelling of the front entrance to create new groups spaces, gender neutral toilets and incorporate an integrated café to compliment 24/7 opening. This will last until September 2019.

Key works in Spring/Summer 2019

April 2019

Week commencing 2nd- Works commence to replace boiler room serving Library and William Morris.

May 2019

The following rooms in the Library will be closed customers from Monday 13th May 2019. This to accommodate building works during the summer period. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused. All other spaces remain open and available for use.

Silent reading Room Floor 1

Group rooms 1/8/9

Teaching rooms 2/3

In addition the sigma maths support service will move up to Teaching Room 1 on Floor 1 of the Library for the summer while their room is reconfigured.

The IT Tech bar will also move to it’s new home by the Library Welcome Desk (please note from 17th June access will be via the grey door by Group Room 1 through to September)

June 2019

Network upgrades

Saturday 8th/Sunday 9th June main switch and lower ground floor no network access whole building (the main number will be converted to the Library noise mobile) including Wi-Fi.

Monday 10th Ground Floor = no network access including Wi-Fi 08:00-17:30

Tuesday 11th F1 = no network access including Wi-Fi 08:00-17:30

Wednesday 12th F2 = no network access including Wi-Fi 08:00-17:30

Thursday 13th F3 (DMLL) = no network access including Wi-Fi 08:00-17:30

17th - New front entrance to open.

17th-20th the 20 macs in the DMLL will be swapped for new.

Week commencing 17th - Works begin on EEC facing entrance. Access to the Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) will be maintained via their fire door.

July 2019

1st July – New Library Café opens

Week commencing 1st - Temporary boilers taken offline

5th – 10th Some elements of repainting and repairing of loose treads will take place in the main stair well. The staff stairwell will be opened and access to the PGRR will be via lift only.

Please note that as sills are being painted the ladies toilets will be closed but only one floor at a time.

Please note: Saturday 20th July the Library and CAW will close completely from 00:00 to 16:30 to accommodate a total power and water shutdown.

September 2019

Week commencing 16th – Works complete.

Inevitably, building works will bring with it some noise disruption and we may experience some fluctuations in temperature due to the boiler works. However, the library will remain open at all times with the exception of 20th July.