EEC Futures

At Coventry University, we realise that your professional life does not just suddenly materialise when you leave university, it requires planning, investment and direction. That is why the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing provides a comprehensive package of support called EEC Futures.

EEC Futures involves a wide range of employer initiatives, course activities, professional guidance and technical work experience programmes to help students ultimately secure the right graduate role. We work closely with key industrial partners, such as TATA Technologies, Mott Macdonald, Jaguar Land Rover, GE Aviation, Cummins and Intel, to ensure that our students can develop in line with the requirements of business and can obtain the skills required to compete on the global stage.

The EEC Futures team work very closely with academics to embed employability into the curriculum throughout the courses in the faculty.  All students complete a compulsory employability module of their choice in each year of their course through the Add+Vantage scheme. This can significantly add to the skill set developed through their degree course, as the scheme involves modules led by employers such as Jaguar Land Rover and IBM. As part of this module, students can choose to learn a language throughout the duration of their course from beginner through to advanced level.

EEC Futures are the dedicated Employability and Placements unit for Engineering, Environment and Computing. Our focus is supporting students to secure different types of work experience including summer internships, industrial placements and graduate jobs.

EEC Futures provide support at every stage of study through individual guidance appointments and workshops, covering every aspect of the recruitment process to help students navigate their journey into the world of work. We teach students how to create effective CVs and applications, successfully navigate interviews and assessment centres and prepare for psychometric testing. Our guidance is based on current industry recruitment trends, developed through strong employer relationships. EEC Futures help students to find and apply for placements and graduate jobs, through our online portal, social media and campus events. We have dedicated placement advisors for each school, and our support is tailored to each course area.The EEC Futures team work very closely with academics to embed employability into the curriculum throughout the courses in the faculty.

Coventry is situated in the heart of the West Midlands, and we have strong business links with companies from a range of different sectors locally and further afield. One of the key competitive advantages for students within the Faculty is the free recruitment service offered to employers through EEC Futures. We hold multiple employer events throughout the year within faculty, including careers fairs, workshops and employer presentations. Events on campus provide students with the opportunity to network directly with recruiters and gain confidence in a professional setting. EEC Futures work to strengthen and increase employer relationships, to maximise opportunities available for our students. Our free recruitment service includes sourcing and promoting vacancies, candidate shortlisting and interview scheduling on campus. All of the things we do make it easier for companies to recruit from Coventry University, and best of all, it is a free service for employers which is one of the key reasons why our employer engagement levels are so high. Our industrial partners include Bosch, Schneider Electric, KPIT, Environment Agency, Babcock International, Arup, Warwickshire County Council, Geely, Tata Technologies and Cummins.

If you are an employer who would like to learn more about how we can help you engage with our students, please contact us on the details below.

If you are a current EEC Coventry University student looking for work experience, a placement or a graduate role, visit our portal.

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