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The Africa Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship (AITE)

The Africa Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship (AITE)

The Africa Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship (AITE) is an African specific entrepreneurial laboratory focusing on supporting sustainable socio-economic development through transformational entrepreneurial knowledge transfer, research, university enterprise zones and policy formulation.

Members of AITE work collectively to support transformational entrepreneurship and to measure its impact on a continuous basis.

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The founding partners

Coventry University

Coventry University (UK)

Coventry University, with its internationally recognised strengths as a dynamic global enterprising University, has received various accolades for its role in enterprise and entrepreneurship such as being the University of the Year 2016 in the UK, recipient of the Queens Award for Enterprise and past winner of the Entrepreneurial University Award in the UK.  Coventry University have an established footprint on the Africa continent via its connections with the Association of Africa Universities (AAU) and participation in various projects currently and in the past.  The newly formed International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE) is at the heart of its enterprise and entrepreneurship journey.

Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

Stellenbosch University is one of the top research universities in Africa and for the past three years it has been acknowledged as the institution with the highest scientific publication output per academic staff member in South Africa. In 2012 SU featured in two university world rankings for the second consecutive year. The University has aligned its teaching and learning, research and community interaction initiatives with the national and international development agenda: eradicating poverty and related conditions; promoting human dignity and health; promoting democracy and human rights; promoting peace and security; and promoting a sustainable environment and a competitive industry.  Stellenbosch University also have an established footprint on the Africa continent via various projects; and, also maintain close links with the Association of Africa Universities (AAU) through its key facilitating role and participation in various projects across the continent

University of Cape Coast

University of Cape Coast (Ghana)

The University of Cape Coast is an equal opportunity university uniquely placed to provide quality education through the provision of comprehensive, liberal and professional programs that challenge students to be creative, innovative, and morally responsible citizens.

The University constantly seeks alternative ways to respond to changing needs and as such show a perfect fit with the philosophy of transformational entrepreneurship.

Institutional Members

News, Events and Publications

Enterprise Africa Summit Programme

The Enterprise Africa Summit, from 22 to 24 March 2017 was a three-day event bringing together academics, policy-makers, private sector, investors, international and national development partners, civil society groups and entrepreneurs from across SSA and the UK to explore and develop the role of entrepreneurship in building sustainable, resilient economies in Africa.

Transformational Entrepreneurship: The Role of Entrepreneurship Centres

The Africa Institute for Transformational Entrepreneurship (AITE) focuses on generating and receiving cutting edge knowledge to stimulate sustainable socioeconomic development in Africa through transformational entrepreneurial interventions. Interventions mainly focus on knowledge transfer, research, university enterprise zones and policy formulation.

Transformational Incubator, Accra (Ghana)

In March 2016, the British Council Skills Hub and Innovation Centre opened in Accra, Ghana to support and influence youth employment and self-employment in the capital.  Working with private-sector investment, the British Council created the Skills Hub as a virtual and physical space, offering resources, skills development support, expertise and knowledge sharing thus catering to the needs of young Ghanaians by providing them with access to innovative products and spaces.  Through the Skills Hub, young people have access to training to develop long-term transferrable skills for the Ghanaian and global marketplace. Alongside this, the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE) at Coventry University, working with the British Council, established the Transformational Incubator in June 2016 to support both local start-up and growth oriented businesses. The Transformational Incubator was ran for a period of six months and with twenty five (25) incubates.

British Council ‘Entrepreneurial Africa’ Train the Trainer Programme

Since 2013, the British Council has run a series of enterprise challenges across sub-Saharan Africa).Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Sudan. These prize programmes have been televised and streamed online and have directly engaged with around 12,000 young entrepreneurs and reached a further 20 million young people media outlets.  Entrepreneurial Africa aims to provide alternative pathways to young people. The programme aims to bring together the best opportunities for entrepreneurs in terms of training, mentorship, networking opportunities and access to finance.

The Train the Train Programme offered by ICTE was hosted by British Council Senegal, 8-13 May 2017. The purpose was to grow the mindset and a deeper understanding around social enterprise and entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation as well as transformational entrepreneurship in Africa.  British Council Senegal invited BC colleagues from South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya and Sudan.

They also included their respective partners regionally. Facilitators were invited from the UK, Karl Belizaire, Founder of Social Enterprise World and Gemma Heard, Project Manager in Social Enterprise BC, UK. Thereafter, Coventry University’s African Institute of Transformational Entrepreneurship facilitators; Dr Peter McLuskie and Dr Stephen Dobson.,

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