Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences (CSELS)

The latest research into cellular and molecular biosciences; biological systems, health and disease and physical activity, exercise and obesity.

The Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences furthers the understanding of fundamental biological pathways and processes, applying biological sciences to advance diagnosis and prevention of disease.

Research within the Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences (CSELS) reflects a broad strength of biological and exercise associated sciences to understand life from the level of molecules through to the whole body. The Centre has considerable expertise, ranging from expertise in cell biology, genomic and molecular biology, biochemistry, nutrition and food science, safety pharmacology, physiology, physical activity and sport performance.

The recent Research Excellence Framework (REF2014) confirmed our position as a leading university for research of world-class quality and international excellence. Staff in CSELS were submitted in A3 (Allied Health Professions) and 94% of our staffs’ research was considered world-leading or internationally excellent.

There are four research themes within CSELS, which host specialities encompassing Sport and Human Performance, Physical Activity and Exercise Interventions, Health and Mechanisms of Disease and Functional Genomics.