CAWR: PhD Students

Current PhD Students

Name PhD Title Director of Studies Email
Bernard Courts Can the practice of Biodynamic Agriculture show tangible results for the education, wellbeing and health of communities? Ulrich Schmutz
Carla Kay Smallholder adaptation to climate change in West Africa: pathways to social and environmental resilience. Michel Pimbert
Chijioke Eke Assessing the Spatiotemporal Variability of Environmental Factors for Oil Spill Dynamics in the Humber Estuary Babatunde Anifowose
Christabel Buchanan  Place, Food Sovereignty, Resilience & Participatory Video Methodologies Michel Pimbert
Christelle Ledroit Study of ecological implications and sustainability of organic and biodynamic farming in comparison to conventional and BT-conventional farming Barbara Smith
Dagmar Diesner Transition to food sovereignty: A critical analysis of the commons, its barriers, resilience strategies in the case of Campi Aperti, Italy Mark Tilzey
Dalrene James Removal of detergent characteristics from grey water using natural geo or waste materials Steve Coupe
Donna Udall Sustainable Agroecological Systems. An Agronomic, Environmental, Economic and Social Assessment of Energy-from-Waste Systems and Products Sue Charlesworth
Elise Wach The prospects for agroecology and food sovereignty in the British maritime uplands Mark Tilzey
Emma Burnett Investigating self-organisation, transformative change, and resilience in alternative food networks Moya Kneafsey
Emellyne Forman Social Change and Resilience Imaginaries Moya Kneafsey
Evangeline Grosrenaud The role of agroforestry in building social and ecological resilience for refugee settlements in the fragile areas of East Africa Liz Trenchard
Ezinne Emeana Is there a way the farmers can be encouraged to adopt and sustain agroecological approaches visually via mobile phones? Liz Trenchard
Gloria Giambartolomei Sustainable management of natural resources: adopting a collaborative approach Alexandra Franklin
Graciela Romero Vasquez Provisioning Havana: The potential of peri-urban agriculture to meet urban food and livelihoods needs Julia Wright
Hannah Moss-Davies Investigating the feasibility and reliability of thermal flux emissions for predicting unrest Matthew Blackett
Heather Philp (MRes) The impact of catchment scale afforestation on stream water quality and ecology: a case study in the Arrow Catchment, Warwickshire Michael Kennedy
Ibn Benin A Critical Evaluation of Operation Cost of Oil and Gas Plays: A Retrospective Review of the Economic Viability of the Gulf of Guinea and the North Sea Augustine Ifelebuegu
Janus Bojesen Jensen An exploration of the potential of quantum-based agriculture for sustainable global food production Julia Wright
Jordon Lazell The socio-spatial-temporal conditioning of practices in everyday life: From moments of consumption to conduits of food waste Adrian Evans
Julian (Jay) Abrahams Regenerative 'low-entropy' systems for wastewater purification and sustainable resource production Steve Coupe
Katie Whiddon Food Sovereignty from Above?  Interrogating the impacts of global governance on natural resource tenure in Nepal. Josh Brem Wilson
Krystyna Swiderska Biocultural heritage and sustainable development Michel Pimbert
Laura Allen Putting biodiversity back together: Processes controlling the reassembly of ecosystems Martin Wilkes
Liliane Binego Edible insect based livelihoods and humanitarian food security response: An environmental, socio-economic impact assessment of edible locust production in Africa  Michel Pimbert

Linda Kabaira Alternatives to sustainability and climate change response in Africa: Contributions of the SEKEM interdisciplinary approach Adrian Evans

Lovemore Gwiriri Evaluating commercial cattle production as a resilient livelihood option for emergent small hold farmers in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa James Bennett

Miche Fabre-Lewin Rituals for Resilience: Reviving Food and Arts Practices for Socio-ecological Restoration Michel Pimbert
Mitchell McTough Sustainable flood resilience in refugee camps; combining sustainable drainage (SuDs) with WASH Sue Charlesworth
Morwenna McKenzie Response of macro invertebrates to fine sediment pollution Martin Wilkes
Moussa Sidibe Past and future fluctuations in West African hydro-climatic variability and their teleconnections Bastien Dieppois
Natassa Tziampou Research on the evaluation of new barrier systems for Pervious Pavement Systems (PPS) to control flooding and Urban Pollution Steve Coupe
Nathaniel Revell (MRes) Determining the impact of catchment scale Natural Flood Management (NFM) techniques on reducing flood risk in Warwickshire Craig Lashford
Ojuegba Lale The Phytoremediation Abilities of Helianthus Annuus and Brassica Juncea in Spent Engine Oil: A Comparative Study Augustine Ifelebuegu
Paola Andrea Guzman Rodriguez Assessing the Economic Value, Impact and Scalability of Community-Led Trade Initiatives to Support Sustainable Farming Systems in the UK Moya Kneafsey
Rebecca Lewis (MRes) Sustainable drainage to reduce Zika mosquito breeding, Brazil Sue Charlesworth
Robert Logan Transformative agroecological urban food systems: how can community-food projects respond to social inequality and land ownership concentration in Greater London Ulrich Schmutz
Rosa Van Kesteren A practice theory approach to inequalities in healthy eating Adrian Evans
Shruti Vispute Understanding the Nexus: Emotions, Environmental Justice and Social Movements around Water in Contemporary India Jasber Singh
Simon Popay  Assessing the impact of agroecological practice - transdisciplinary approaches in contrasting geographical contexts James Bennett
Stephen Theophilus Development of integrated human reliability assessment methods for accident investigation in the oil and gas industry Augustine Ifelebuegu
Tom Lavers Valuing catchment-scale natural flood management: A case study in the headwaters of the Warwickshire-Avon for flood risk reduction Sue Charlesworth

Successful PhD students

Name PhD Title
Amal Faraj Assessing the performance of combined sustainable drainage and ground source heat devices in heating a domestic building (2013)
Andrew Willis Aspects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Fungal Ecology: AM Fungal Nutrient-Function Efficiency in a Primary Sand-Dune Ecosystem on the West Coast of India (2014)
Chloe MacLaren Exploring the ecological intensification of weed management in cropping systems of South Africa's winter rainfall region (2018)
Christopher Yap The politics of self-organisation and the social production of space in urban community gardens (2018)
Craig Lashford Understanding the 1 in 100-year flood and how the effects can be mitigated (2016)
Elizabeth Bos Citizen motivations for participating in urban food growing in London (2018)
Ernest Taylor An evaluation of the role of culture in sustaining new models of rural community tourism in Jamaica (2016)
Frank Warwick A GIS-based decision support methodology at local planning authority scale for the implementation of sustainable drainage (2014)
Fredrick Mbasano Impact of glysophate-containing herbicide on pollution attenuation and biodegradation in model pervious paving systems (2014)
Georgina McAllister Cultivating Social-Ecological Resilience at the Margins: Agroecology as a Tool for Everyday Peace Formation? (2019)
Hussam Gadeh The Effect of Compost and Priming on the Salt Tolerance of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L) During Germination and Early Seedling Establishment (2013)
Katharine Isabella Hartless Rose Building resilient farming communities in the UK: Encouraging sustainable behaviour change on UK farms in relation to climate change (2018)
Kontaros Koamuangno An Evaluation of Biodiversity Policy Development and Implementation in Thailand (2013)
Lucia Foresi Resilience and Sustainability Assessment of the Organic Greenhouse Horticulture (2018)
Luke Owen Assessing the sustainability of 'alternative' food networks: Motivations for engaging with 'sustainable food' practices and associated implications (2015)
Margaret Ibifuro Emma Mezue Investigating the potential of using simple SUDs in informal settlements in Lagos, Nigeria, to transition into a sustainable surface water management system (2019)
Michelle Louise Mayer Laboratory and Field Trials of the Ability of Vegtated Porous Paving to Remediate Pollutants (2013)
Muhammad Naeem Shahid Assessing social sustainability in the UK cheese supply chains (2017)
Oyekemi Oyelola The use of compost and recycled aggregates in vegetated sustainable drainage systems (2013)
Richard Paul Collins The Role of Calcium and Potassium Salinity Tolerance in Brassica rapa RCBr Seed (2013)
Tristan Reader Indigenous Food Systems: The Economic, Health, Governance and Cultural Impacts of Food Sovereignty Efforts (2018)