CBiS researchers collaborate with BJA to launch new Jewellers Social Responsibility Framework

Friday 28 November 2014

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The British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) has officially launched the new Jewellers’ Social Responsibility Framework to its members in November 2014. The BJA has been supported by Professor Marylyn Carrigan, Acting Director at CBiS, who was the academic consultant and collaborator with the BJA to produce the JSR framework. Research by CBiS academics Professor Carrigan, Dr Caroline Moraes and Dr Carmela Bosangit -  Responsible Business Practice in SMEs: the case of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter’ -  formed part of the evidence base for the framework.

The JSR framework details the ways in which the basic principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be adapted by those SMEs working in the jewellery industry. Covering all areas of socially responsible business practices, the JSR framework explains in detail the required engagement with supply chain due diligence, industry regulation, staff, suppliers, local community and the environment.

Professor Carrigan commented in press reports: “At a time when many industries are being challenged to demonstrate their ethical credentials, the JSR is a timely initiative from the BJA to encourage and support jewellery firms to tangibly contribute towards a more transparent and responsible supply chain. This is a forward thinking step for the industry and will provide important reassurances to customers – both business to business and consumer.”

The Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University will be working with BJA Chief Executive Simon Rainer and UK jewellery firms to provide training for their staff that will develop their skills and raise their awareness in key issues relating to social responsibility. The series of workshops will be launched in spring 2015.”