Vice-chancellor's statement on Article 50 and Brexit

Vice-chancellor's statement on Article 50 and Brexit
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Wednesday 29 March 2017

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Speaking as the UK begins the process of exiting the EU today, Professor John Latham, vice-chancellor of Coventry University, said:

Triggering Article 50 begins a negotiating phase where universities need to be heard, particularly on the status of European students and the conditions for global partnerships.

Last year, Coventry guaranteed that fees for EU students would not exceed those of their UK counterparts for five years – but as a sector we must keep pressing for students to be removed from immigration figures, so that UK higher education remains competitive, welcoming and diverse.

Take the example of a brilliant student coming to the UK to study, who then moves on to a postgraduate course, then stays on and becomes a researcher – at the moment, that is several immigrations, but just one person.

UK higher education has a global outlook not just for student recruitment but in terms of business and research partnerships, meaning universities can help keep the UK competitive and open for business, in a way that transcends political negotiations.

While some universities will reduce in size and scale, others may well choose this moment to go global.


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