Price of pint and cost of kebab help put Coventry amongst cheapest uni cities

Price of pint and cost of kebab help put Coventry amongst cheapest uni cities
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Thursday 14 July 2016

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Low-priced pints, cut-rate kebabs and modest gym memberships are just some of the reasons Coventry has been ranked in the UK's top five in a new league table of university towns and cities with the cheapest living costs.

A survey by credit card company Marbles ranked Coventry as the country's fourth cheapest place for student life, according to six key expenses.

The price of weekly rent, a travel pass and gym fee – together with student favourites such as cinema tickets, the cost of a pint and the price of a kebab – were all measured and ranked to show that Coventry has all the ingredients for a competitive cost of living.

The average travel pass cost for Coventry came to £50, a big contrast to the £130 which would have to be spent for the equivalent in London. A Coventry student's gym fee was also just £10.40, while just down the road in Warwick, the same sporty access – according to the survey – could cost over three times that.

Students in the West Midlands don't have to dig as deep into their pockets for a beer, either – Keele (Stoke-on-Trent) and Coventry on average had the two cheapest pints in the country at £2.50 and £2.80 respectively, compared with the likes of London and Brighton whose pints cost £4 on average.

The end to a good night out, the kebab, was shown to cost an average of £4.35 in Coventry, compared to a jaw-dropping £8.38 for students at one London university.

The survey comes in the wake of a recent league table which ranked Coventry ahead of the likes of Prague, Brussels and Osaka to become one of the top 50 best student cities in the world.