Coventry's partnership with Kadir Has University, Istanbul, moves to new level

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Wednesday 21 May 2014

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A series of joint events and staff exchanges between Coventry University and its new partner Kadir Has University has reaffirmed the institutions' commitment to build on their relationship.

The partnership is offering collaborative academic programmes to prepare students for global careers, and is aiming to build on strong research links between the universities.

The landmark signing of the long-term partnership has also seen five new dual-award postgraduate programmes – including an MBA in oil and gas management and an MA in international relations – approved by both parties for delivery at Kadir Has's Istanbul campus.

 Coventry University Board of GovernorsIn related developments, students from both institutions will have the opportunity to take part in exchanges funded under the Erasmus programme - underlining each university's commitment to increase global opportunities for its students and staff - and joint research programmes are also being established.

In a recent joint event between the two institutions, Coventry University joined the Lord Mayor of London, Fiona Woolf CBE, on a business visit to Istanbul, and delivered a public lecture at Kadir Has University to discuss how Turkey is becoming a significant financial centre in the twenty-first century.

This was followed by a visit by two trustees of Kadir Has and the University's rector, Professor Mustafa Aydin, to Coventry University to meet with senior staff. Members of Coventry's Board of Governors will take part in a return visit to Kadir Has after the first student intake for the dual-award programmes in autumn 2014.

David Pilsbury, pro vice-chancellor for international development at Coventry University, said:

We're delighted to be engaging in this exciting programme of joint activities, and very much look forward to the first intake of students to our programme in September.

This strategic relationship between Coventry and Kadir Has University has proved to be a tremendous vehicle for the development of the partnership between the two institutions and the broader international initiatives that both of us are committed to as global universities.