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Dr Alexander Kazamias

Associate Professor in Politics

College of the Arts and Society

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Dr Kazamias teaches Political Theory, Contemporary Political Ideologies, and Middle East Politics. He contributes to the MA modules Populism in the 21st Century and Dictatorship and Democracy. He has supervised many MA dissertations and Doctoral theses, mainly in the areas of Foreign Policy Analysis, Modern Greek History and Politics, Political Ideologies and Middle East Politics.

Career overview

Dr Kazamias holds a PhD in Diplomatic History from UCL, School of Slavonic and East European Studies. He has been previously Lecturer in International Relations and Senior Lecturer in Politics at Coventry University. He taught briefly at Warwick University, the University of Oxford, Moscow State University, Princeton University and University of Amsterdam. He was Director of Studies of the MA in European Studies (1998-2004) and is currently Course Director for Politics.


His research focuses on the Politics and History of Modern Greece, Greek-Turkish Relations, Mediterranean Diasporas, and the Politics and History of Modern Egypt. His work is highly interdisciplinary and draws on a variety of perspectives, most notably Critical International Relations Theory, Postcolonial Theory, Cultural History and Diaspora Studies.

He has been awarded prestigious research fellowships and grants by Princeton University (2005), the University of Edinburgh (2011), and the University of Amsterdam (2021-22). He has contributed scholarly articles to leading American and British journals, including boundary2, the Journal of Contemporary History, History Compass, and others. He is member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies. Currently, he is currently working on a book-length project on the cultural history of anticommunism during the Cold War.

External activities

He has given guest lectures and talks in many universities, including Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, King’s College, London, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Moscow State, Cairo, and others. He has contributed numerous articles and given regular interviews to a wide range of media outlets, including the BBC, The Guardian, the Times Literary Supplement, Open Democracy, the Daily Express, Al-Ahram Weekly, Kathimerini, Ta Nea, EfSyn, The Press Project, Anti magazine, Greek Radio and Television (ERT), Russia Today, Sputnik, London, and others. He has been External Examiner for UG courses and Doctoral theses for the Open University, King’s College, London, the University of Birmingham, and the University of Oxford.

You can view his personal page on academia.edu.

Publications and press


  • Kazamias, A (2022) Greece and the Cold War: Diplomacy, Rivalry and Colonialism after the Civil Conflict, London, Bloomsbury.

Journal Articles and Book chapters (selected)

  • Kazamias, A (2022) ‘The Visual Politics of Fear: Anti-communist Imagery in Post-War Greece’, Journal of Contemporary History, 57:4, October.
  • Kazamias, A (2022) 'Dependence and Transposition: Orientalist Representations of the Arabs in Modern Greek Culture', Journal of Greek Media and Culture, (in print)
  • Kazamias, A (2021) ‘Another Colonial History: How cosmopolitan was Cavafy’s contemporary Alexandria?’, boundary2, 48:2, pp.89-122.
  • Kazamias, A and Dimitroulia, T (2019) ‘Gender and Diaspora in Late Ottoman Egypt: The case of Greek women translators’ in Marilyn Booth (ed) Migrating Texts: Translation around the Late Ottoman Mediterranean, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, pp.151-190.
  • Kazamias, A (2018) ‘The Political Effects of the Greek Economic Crisis: The Collapse of the Old Two-Party System’, in V. Fouskas and C. Dimoulas eds, Greece in the 21st Century. The Politics and Economics of a Crisis, London, Routledge, pp.163-186.
  • Kazamias, A (2015) 'From Popular Revolution to Semi-Democracy: Egypt’s Experiment with Praetorian Parliamentarism', in Reem Abou-El-Fadl (ed.), Revolutionary Egypt: Connecting Domestic and International Struggles, London, Routledge, pp.112-133.
  • Kazamias, A (2014) 'Antiquity as Cold War Propaganda: The Political Uses of the Classical Past in Post-Civil War Greece', in Dimitris Tziovas (ed.) Reimagining the Past: Antiquity and Modern Greek Culture, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 128-146.
  • Kazamias, A (2014) 'Cromer’s Assault on ‘Internationalism’: British Colonialism and the Greeks of Egypt, 1882-1907', in Marilyn Booth and Anthony Gorman eds, Egypt in the Long 1890s, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, pp.253-283. Translated into Arabic, January 2020.
  • Kazamias, A (2012) 'Pseudo-Hegelian Contrivances: The uses of German Idealism in the discourse of the post-Civil War Greek stat', Kambos: Cambridge Papers in Modern Greek, No.19, pp.47-73.
  • Kazamias, A (2011) 'The ‘Anger Revolutions’ in the Μiddle East: An answer to decades of failed reform', Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, 13:2, June, pp.143-156.

Press articles and media appearances (selected)

  • Press article: ‘The East Mediterranean Crisis could ignite a Greek-Turkish proxy war. A moratorium on gas and oil exploitation is needed’, Open Democracy, 21 October 2020.
  • Press Interview: ‘Turkey vs Greece: War would “set the whole region in flames” – terrifying warning’, Daily Express, 20 August 2020.
  • Press Article: ‘Syriza betrayed its principles and the Greek people. Its days are numbered’, The Guardian, 5 July 2019.
  • TV interview: New Austerity Measures in Greece, Russia Today, 17 May 2017.
  • Radio Interview: Radio Athens 98.4, on the UK General Election, 22 June 2017.
  • Radio Interview: The Significance of the Post-Civil War Years, Athens Calling, Greek Radio and Television (ERT), 26 October 2015.
  • Television Interview: ‘Greece and the Eurozone Crisis’, In the Now, with Anissa Naouai, Russia Today, 12 May 2015.
  • Press Interview: ‘Alexandria in History and Literature’, Kathimerini, 10 April 2015.
  • Press Interview: ‘Greek Debt Defiance and the Potential for a Eurozone Grexit’, Financier Worldwide, April 2015.
  • Television Interview: “New Greek government pledges to kill austerity”, In the Now, Russia Today, with Anisa Naouai, 26 January 2015.
  • Radio Interview: BBC Radio 5, Five Live, with Peter Allen, on the appointment of the new Al-Ganzouri Government in Egypt, 21 November 2011.
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