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Budgeting tools

Effectively planning your budget as a student is the best way to ensure your money lasts your entire time at university. You can do this yourself with a simple student budget spreadsheet, or you can use one of the fantastic student budget calculators online.

Budget calculators allow you to track your monthly expense, and after making sure all of your bills are paid, will let you know how much money you have left over to spend on nights out and things for yourself.

Why do you need a budget calculator?

Planning is the perfect way to help manage your student life, from your essays to nights out and your finances.

Setting up a money plan will help you keep track of what money you have available to ensure you don’t panic about any forgotten bills and lets you splurge with confidence so a budget calculator is the ideal place to start.

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Save the Student provides some great resources on saving money, finding the best student finance options and bank accounts, and supplies a handy budgeting tool to check your affordability.

This is Money is an easy-to-use page, providing you with clear numbers on how much you have left in your budget. This is Money is an all-round finance website, providing you with hints, tips and news about the world of finance, and its student finance section is full of useful information.

UCAS is a go-to place for student information. It also provides a fantastic budget calculator to keep you on track. UCAS regularly updates its calculator with new functionality and information to ensure you get an idea picture of what your finances look like.

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