How to Pay

University Owned and Managed Accommodation

Please note that the information on the tabs below relates to University Owned and Managed accommodations only:

Bishop Gate Singer Hall St Margaret Road Parish Rooms
Godiva Place Priory Hall University Houses Hawkins Road
The Cycle Works Liberty Point    


For all information relating to payments for our Partner Properties, please refer to the individual property pages, and direct all further enquiries to the Partner Property themselves.


You will have to pay a £300 security deposit when you accept an offer of accommodation - there is no payment to be made when you apply. This security deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your contract, minus any outstanding charges (e.g. damage, disciplinary, rent). To claim back your deposit, you need to complete an accommodation Refund Request form. Please check your online accommodation account (where you applied) for the amount due to be refunded to you.

Please note: The card used to pay your deposit will also be used for your rent installments if you choose the option - pay with card. If you'd like to update these details prior to your first installment, you'll need to come into the FutureLets office to complete an amendment form. 

What our contract says

  1. A £300 deposit is to be paid, in accordance with the Offer of University Accommodation, by the Licensee to Coventry University upon acceptance of the Offer.  This deposit will be held in a separate account by the University and is not interest bearing.
  2. Where Outstanding Debts are owed, the University will deduct the Outstanding Debts from the Licensee’s deposit and return any remaining balance. Deposits can be returned to any nominated UK bank account and deposits to be returned to an overseas bank, these will need to go back to the account from which the deposit was originally paid.
  3. Where there are no Outstanding Debts, the University will  return the full deposit back to the nominated bank account for a UK Bank Account or for an overseas bank account back to the account the deposit was originally paid from.
  4. Any dispute regarding the Outstanding Debts must be made in writing to the University within 10 days of the University issuing the final statement.  This complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the complaints procedure  as set out in its Licence to Occupy.    

You can download a copy of the full Licence to Occupy here.

How to apply for your accommodation Deposit Refund

Please complete the Deposit Refund form enter your bank details in the format of 123456 (sort code) and 12345678 (account number) please enter the account holders name and save it. You only need to do this once, your refund will be processed within 28 working days of either your contract end date or the date you submit your bank details, whichever is later. If you have left early this will still be your original contract end date. This money can be sent to any UK account.

If you need an overseas refund, please complete an overseas refund form found on our website under search term ‘refunds’ and send it along with your payments evidence to this can take a little longer due to transfer timescales.

Please either complete the form or send your details through our portal, you do not need to do both.


Pay in Full

All students have the option to pay immediately in full (plus £300 security deposit) by credit or debit card when you accept your accommodation offer online.

If you cannot pay by credit or debit card, you can use the Transfer Mate service, regardless of whether you are a EU or international student. You can access the Transfer Mate payment system here, or go to the 'Methods' tab to find out more.

Pay by Instalments

You can also pay by Recurring Card Payment (RCP) or Direct Debit (DD) over three instalments.

These instalments will be automatically set up when you enter your card details when paying your security deposit to accept your offer of accommodation. You can change the card details at any point after you have enrolled, but please note that Direct Debit details must be changed at least 30 days before the next instalment is due.

Please see below for a breakdown of the available instalment plans.

September 2019 starters

UK and EU students
  Amount due Due date
Deposit £300 On Booking
Instalment 1 1/3 of rent 15 November 2019
Instalment 2 1/3 of rent 15 January 2020
Instalment 3 1/3 of rent 30 April 2020
Non-UK and Non-EU students
  Amount due Due date
Deposit £300 On Booking
Instalment 1 1/3 of rent On Booking
Instalment 2 1/3 of rent 15 January 2020
Instalment 3 1/3 of rent 30 April 2020

All January 2020 Starters

  Amount due Due date
Deposit £300 On Booking
Instalment 1 1/2 of rent (1/3 for Postgraduates) On booking
Instalment 2 1/2 of rent (1/3 for postgraduates) 30 April 2020
Instalment 3 1/3 of rent for Postgraduates only 15 August 2020


All May Starters

  Amount due Due date
Deposit £300 On Booking
Instalment 1 1/3 of rent On Booking
Instalment 2 1/3 of rent 15 August 2020
Instalment 3 1/3 of rent 15 November 2020


Recurring Card Payments

Recurring Card Payments (RCP) are payment plans set up against your credit or debit card. This is a much more flexible method of payment than a Direct Debit as you can edit the payment plan until 1 day before the payment is due to be taken. There are also no fees incurred from your bank for missed payments, and any missed or failed payments will be tried again automatically two days later. This is the University’s preferred payment method.


Credit or Debit Card

Please note we do NOT accept any of the following cards:

  • Maestro
  • Solo
  • Visa Electron

If you wish to change your credit or debit card details during the contract, you can do so at any time by contacting the FutureLets office.

The University's Finance department will send an Advance Notification for recurring card payments via email.

Security Checks

While trying to pay your accommodation fees via the website, your bank may request a security check called 3 Domain Secure (3-D Secure). This is used by certain banks to reduce the risk of fraudulent usage of bank cards.  You may be asked to enter your bank card password to enable the checks, and to make payment.

If this fails, please contact your bank directly.  They will be able to advise you on the process, so that you are able to make payment online.

Bank Transfer

Coventry University has partnered with Transfer Mate to provide a simple and cost effective service to pay your fees using a bank transfer, whether you are an International or a UK student.

You can access the Transfer Mate payment system here.

Using this system will provide you with the following benefits:

  • It allows students to make payment of their fees in their own currency, giving them transparency and a clear understanding of the cost of their fee
  • Obtain a guaranteed exchange rate for a period of up to 48 hours
  • Ensures that 100% of the funds transferred reach FutureLets, and that no expensive bank charges are deducted that may delay your registration
  • It ensures that the payment can be easily identified and allocated by FutureLets, giving you peace of mind
  • It is a secure and quick way to make the transfer ensuring that FutureLets receives the payment promptly
  • You will be notified upon receipt of your payment

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding this service, we have arranged for Transfer Mate to provide a dedicated 24/7 Customer Service team that can aid you with any additional information on the service and its benefits and/or walk you through the process. For any of the above or any other related queries please contact:

Phone:  +44 207 659 9190

Direct Debit

Please be aware that the dates and values for Direct Debit payments cannot be changed from those dates outlined in the 'Instalments' tab. If you wish to cancel or change the account a Direct Debit is due to be taken from, you must do so at least 30 days prior to the payment being taken. 

A direct debit confirmation letter will be sent to you from the University Finance Department prior to the first collection of rent, indicating the exact amounts and dates for the collection. 

Refunds and Receipts


Your acceptance of accommodation requires that you choose a payment plan, consisting of either Direct Debit or Recurring Card Payments. Please be aware that you will not receive a receipt for payments made by Direct Debit (DD).

If you need to make a payment outside of the agreed payment plan, you will receive a receipt if the payment is made by credit/debit card or cheque made in person or over the phone to the FutureLets office.

You are advised to keep all receipts safe for the duration of your stay in the accommodation.


If you have already enrolled you will need to request the refund of any credit balance in your accommodation account by completing an accommodation Refund Request form.  If you have not yet enrolled and need to request a refund for a payment already made please read the withdrawal refund policy before making your request.

If you’re eligible for a refund, it will be paid directly to the UK bank account that has been nominated or for international payments back to the back account the payment came from.


Students will receive an email from the University regarding their accommodation invoice. Students must ensure they check their University email account on a regular basis during their studies at Coventry University, as this is where all communications regarding their fees will be received.


If I pay my accommodation fees in full, do I get a discount?

No, there is no discount for paying in full.

I made a payment by card but what like to change the card for the rest of my instalments. What do I do?

You can change your card details by contacting FutureLets directly. If you would like to change your Direct Debit details, you must contact FutureLets at least 30 days before the next instalment is due to be paid.

I cannot afford the rent. Can I cancel my contract and move out?

You will need to find a suitable replacement student for your contract before you can be released. You would be liable for an administration fee and the accommodation fees for the room until the replacement student takes over your contract.

What is the Deposit and how much will it be?

The Deposit is a security deposit, which is refundable at the end of the contract, subject to any damage or other outstanding charges.

The Deposit amount is £300 for ALL students (£500 for London Campus); however some students may be required to pay additional instalments in addition to the security deposit (for example international students).

What happens if a Direct Debit payment fails?

If, for any reason, your Direct Debit (DD) cannot be collected from your account, FutureLets will contact you and you will be required to make the payment by an alternative method. The DD will be cancelled and you will be required to set it up an alternative payment method.

What happens if a Recurring Card Payment fails?

If your Recurring Card Payment (RCP) cannot be collected from your account it could be that the card has expired and you will need to contact FutureLets with the new card number to reinstate the payment.

Alternatively, the payment may not have been made due to there being insufficient money in the account, and you will need to ensure that the funds are available before you contact FutureLets to reinstate the payment. If you do not contact FutureLets the RCP will be cancelled and you will be required to set it up again for all future instalments.

What happens if an instalment if not made?

If you fail to pay an instalment the debt collection process will begin as follows:

  • You will be sent a letter to your term-time address reminding you that the payment is due.
  • If a suitable arrangement for the payment cannot be agreed then a Notice to Quit will be delivered to you and the payment of the outstanding instalment will be required to be made in 28 days or you will be expected to vacate the accommodation. You are still liable for the whole accommodation fee until the end of the contract period, unless you find a suitable replacement.
  • If you fail to make the payment or fail to vacate, you will receive a final letter which will allow you a further 5 days within which to make the payment before the debt is referred to Legal Services.  Legal Services will issue proceedings in the County Court to recover the money owed and/or to evict.  A County Court judgement may seriously affect your future credit rating.

For information on private lettings, please visit our dedicated website


Images are intended to be representative only. Neither Coventry University nor FutureLets guarantee that the layout or style of any accommodation offered to you will be the same as that depicted. Neither Coventry University nor FutureLets guarantee that any accommodation offered to you will come with any particular contents, furniture or facilities other than those expressly stated as being available in each property as set out on the Coventry University website.