Extending within the UK

If your current Student visa in the UK expires before the end of your current course or you have been accepted onto a new course at Coventry University that begins less than 28 days before your current leave expires, you may be able to apply to extend your visa within the UK.

You will need to prepare your documents well in advance. You should leave yourself enough time so that, if the Home Office return your application, you still have enough time on your current leave in order to make a new application within the UK. We advise that you apply for your new visa as early as possible but this must not be more than six months before the start of your new course.

Watch the helpful video below to guide you through the process of extending your visa. The information provided in this video was up to date as of 20/06/2019.

You need to prepare the following documents for a Student visa application:

  • Complete the online application form. Please note if you are continuing on your same course of study, you will only be issued a CAS once an International Student Adviser has checked your application form and supporting documents.
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). 
  • Original supporting documents as listed on your CAS. e.g. your degree transcript or any other academic documents your application was assessed upon. 
  • An English language qualification, if this is listed on your CAS. You will need to provide your original IELTS certificate or another Secure English Language Test original result certificate. There are some exemptions to the need to show your English language ability. So, if your CAS does not list your English qualification then you may not need to submit it.  
  • Your passport. 
  • An ATAS certificate, if required and stated on your CAS statement.
  • Evidence that you possess sufficient funds. You must be able to show the balance of any outstanding tuition fees for one year of your course, as well as money to cover your living expenses. If you are paying your fees yourself, or your parents are paying your fees for you, then you will need to prove you have held the correct amount in your bank account every day for 28 consecutive days prior to your visa application. 
  • Your police registration certificate, if this was required for any previous grant of leave. Please note your police registration needs to be updated with your current address.

How do I request a CAS or a Standard Visitor Visa Letter?

You will need to complete a CAS and Standard Visitor Visa request online form along with submitting some documents. Answer all questions on the form in full. This will help us  to know how best to support your request and advise you of the documents to send to the cas.io@coventry.ac.uk team.

What evidence can I provide to show I have sufficient funds?

If all of your fees and living costs are to be paid by a sponsor, you are required to show an original sponsor letter instead of bank statements. For details on what constitutes an official financial sponsor, see the Points-based system: Student Route - Student and Child Student Document page 46 to page 53 - Please note that family or friends are not considered official financial sponsors.

If you are paying your fees and living costs yourself, you must submit bank statements or a letter from the bank showing that you have the required amount in your account for no less than 28 days. The date of your closing balance must be within one month of your application. Appendix: Finance contains details of what your financial documents must show in order to be acceptable.

If your fees will be paid by your parents, it is possible to submit your parents' bank statements instead of your own to show that you meet the funding requirements. However, you will also need to show your original birth certificate and a letter of consent from your parents stating that you can use their funds and confirming their relationship to you.

For students wishing to show they have the required funds held in bank accounts outside the UK, the Home Office uses the website www.oanda.com to convert currency to £GBP. You should do the same.

If you have been in the UK with a valid visa for at least 12 months, you do not need to prove you have the money when you apply for your visa application.

How much do I need to show to cover my maintenance fees?

Students that study in Coventry require £1,023 for each month of their course, up to a maximum of nine months (£9,207).

Students that study at Coventry University London Campus require £1,334 for each month of their course and up to a maximum of nine months (£12,006).

If the applicant is applying for permission to stay and has been living in the UK with permission for 12 months or more on the date of application, they do not need to show funds, but the funds still need to be available.


If you wish to submit a document that is not in English, the original must be accompanied by a fully certified translation by a professional translator. Documents you may need to have translated could include:

  • Overseas academic qualification
  • Overseas bank statements or financial documents 
  • Birth certificate and letter from your parent (when relying on funds held in your parent’s account)

The translation must include the following information:

  • Details of the translator’s credentials (e.g. professional qualification, accreditation or membership)
  • Confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document 
  • The translator’s contact details 
  • The date 
  • Original signature of the translator

Time limits on studying in the UK

The Home Office imposes a maximum time limit that students can spend in the UK on a Tier 4 visa. This is currently two years below degree level (NQF Level 5 and below) and five years at degree level (NQF Level 6). You must plan your studies in the UK in accordance with these rules.

Credibility interviews

If you make your application within the UK, you may be invited to an interview as part of the application process. This invitation is sent to you in the post, it is therefore very important that you are safely and reliably able to receive post. We strongly recommend that you use the following address as your correspondence address:

International Office
Coventry University
Priory Street
West Midlands

Information on the possible content of a credibility interview can be found here.

Disclaimer - The accuracy of the response to your query is dependent on the information you have provided regarding your personal circumstances.  The advice offered is based on the best information available at the time of enquiry. However, such information is subject to change, often with very little notice. Whilst care has been taken to ensure that all information is correct, Coventry University International Office does not accept responsibility for errors, omissions or inaccuracies.  Coventry University, acting through The International office, provides this service as general guidance. We cannot influence or intervene in the actual application process for a visa and we cannot accept responsibility for the outcome of an application. The responsibility to provide the appropriate documentation and information as required by the immigration rules remains entirely with you, the applicant. The International Office cannot follow up or request information about an application once the process has been initiated. All applications are personal and beyond the control of the International Office. You should check all details on any communications to ensure accuracy before submitting for your visa extension. 

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