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Immigration and travel essentials


Once you have accepted your study offer, received your CAS and applied for, and received your visa, you can plan your arrival in Coventry. When you travel to the UK to join Coventry University it is important to make sure that you keep important documentation and valuable items in your hand luggage in case you're required to show documents to the Entry Clearance Officer when entering the UK. This also means your valuable items will not be put in the hold so you can keep them safely with you.

When you land in the UK, be ready for a long wait before it is your turn to speak to the Immigration Officer. There are long queues so that Immigration staff can ensure that everyone is safe and entering the UK with the correct documentation. The wait may last up to two hours.

Documents you need to bring with you

Checklist and pen

Keep the documents you need for your journey in your hand luggage ready for inspection. Have paper copies rather than on your phone or tablet.

  • A valid passport, with a visa or UK entry clearance (if applicable)
  • A letter of acceptance from Coventry University, including your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • Documentary evidence that you have enough money to pay your tuition fees and accommodate yourself while you’re in the UK (recent bank statements, proof of scholarship or sponsor’s letter)
  • Originals (or certified true copies) of any degree certificates or technical qualifications
  • Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) decision letter which sets out the leave granted and explains the BRP collection process in the UK; and your short-term visa vignette in your passport. This visa will have a validity of only 30 days from the expected date of travel to enable you to travel to the UK and to collect your BRP
  • Health documents e.g. TB screening or vaccination certificates, if required

Immigration and customs

Globe icon on a piece of paper

Once you've shown your documents to the Immigration officer you may be taken in for a further interview – please do not worry, this is standard procedure. As long as you can tell the Immigration Officer clearly what course you are studying and that it is with Coventry University, the process should be smooth. If the Immigration Officer refuses you entry, you may be removed immediately or given a very short period of temporary admission. If this happens you can call +44 (0)24 7765 7688 or ask the Immigration Officer to email us at

Luggage information


Make sure you bring only what you can carry on your own. You can buy many items like clothes and homewares quite cheaply once you're here, so you don’t need to bring too many items with you.

Important items to remember are documents required to enrol on your course (CAS, certificates/transcripts, passport, visa, proof of paying fees, bank statements); any medication that you have on prescription, including the prescription from your doctor; the address of the university and phone number of International Student Support Team; a laptop if you are going to bring one with you; and money (although you should not be carrying too much money!)

Travelling with money

Coins and a padlock

It can take a few weeks to open a UK bank account, so it's best to ensure that you have enough money for your personal needs for the first few weeks of term. Make sure you order British currency and travellers’ cheques in advance.

Bring enough money to cover your immediate needs on your arrival in the UK, including customs charges, rail fares and any emergency expenses. Remember that you will probably have to pay a deposit for your accommodation before you move in. This is normally the equivalent of one month’s rent but it can be more, depending on the type of accommodation you are renting. You need to ensure that you have sufficient funds immediately available to cover this.

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