How to pay your tuition fees


As an international student, you will have been asked to pay a deposit. We’ll need this deposit before we send you the Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) that you will need to get a visa to study in the UK.

We’ll apply your deposit to any tuition fees that you owe for your course.

To avoid delays in arranging your travel, accommodation and enrolment, we recommend that you pay your deposit at least three months before your course starts.

Keeping you safe and secure

To make sure that your own payments are secure, you should only make payments to us through Convera. We do not accept cash, cheques or bankers drafts, and we comply with strict Government regulations designed to stop money laundering.

Please refer to our full tuition fee terms and conditions. If you are a UK student please view our UK payment guidance.

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Paying your fees

Students who wish to pay accommodation and/or tuition fees by international bank transfer are often vulnerable to fluctuating exchange rates and bank charges from both the sending and receiving bank.

If you're an international student you can pay your fees using our payment platform called Convera's GlobalPay for Students. This allows you or your parents to pay for fees in the currency of your choice, giving you a simple, quick and secure way to initiate the payment.


Pay online with Convera

You can quickly and securely pay your deposit, tuition and accommodation fees online and in many languages through Convera. You’ll see exactly how much you will pay in your own currency and you will be able to track your payment every step of the way.

Pay your fees with Convera GlobalPay

Frequently asked questions - paying via Convera's GlobalPay for Students

  • Access GlobalPay for Students.

    • Choose your home country and enter the amount(s) of tuition and/or accommodation fees in the relevant fields in £ sterling. Click Continue.
    • You will be presented with a list of available payment options in your home country / currency. Select the payment method you wish to use.
    • Enter your student ID and payer information. Click Next.
    • Accept the conditions of use.
    • You will be quoted an amount to pay instantly. This amount will be guaranteed for 72 hours and must be transferred in the currency quoted.
    • Next, you will be emailed a PDF document with instructions on where to pay. You can either make this payment using online banking, telephone banking or in person at your bank in the same way that you would make a standard bank transfer. The PDF instructions provided can also be emailed directly to a family member if they are making the payment on your behalf.

    The transfer must be sent in the currency stated on your quote.

    These instructions will contain an important reference that you must ensure your bank quotes when making the payment. This reference allows Coventry University to identify and allocate your fees quickly.

    Find out more by watching a short video, just select your language:
  • The cost of making a payment through GlobalPay for Students is built into the quote you generate on the platform. You will pay no additional charges or receiving bank fees. Convera provide one of the most competitive payment networks in the world that offers a more direct path to moving your funds across the globe. Coventry University have chosen Convera’s GlobalPay for Students platform as it represents the best mix of low-cost to you, as well as allowing the university to simply process your payment and ensure a smooth payment receipt.

    To give you added confidence that you are getting a competitive price, we are pleased offer the Convera GlobalPay for Students Price Guarantee. If you find that a total price offered by your bank to process a payment to your education institution is cheaper than the price offered by Convera GlobalPay for Students, they will honour your bank's total price giving you peace of mind that you are getting a good deal.

    Learn more about their Price Promise.

  • Unfortunately, there are some currencies which Coventry University are not permitted to trade in on the international markets.

    If you cannot locate a card option on the drop-down list, we would advise you to use a bank transfer option being presented in your local currency and if this isn’t available either, to then use an alternative currency presented.

    If you need further support, please contact the Convera Customer Support Team.

  • The Global Pay for Students website will work on both your mobile phone and desktop computer or laptop. The choice is down to your personal preference.

  • Yes, the payer can be the student, a family member or a third party. As part of Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, the payer will be required to enter their details and to authenticate the payment on their mobile or desktop device. The student is also required to know who is paying on their behalf and in some circumstances will be required by the university, for compliance reasons, to provide evidence of their relationship to the payer.

  • Depending on the payment method, it can take between 2-5 days for Convera to receive your funds. Once your payment has been received, Convera will aim to send your payment to Coventry University within 24hrs, unless further information is required to assist with compliance.

    You can track the status of your payment.

  • If you find a total price offered by your bank to send a payment to Coventry University that is cheaper than the price offered by the GlobalPay for Students portal, we will honour your bank’s total price. (Subject to terms and conditions.)

    GlobalPay for Students Price Promise.

  • Yes. To get the benefits of this service it is important that you send your fee amount to the bank account details that are provided to you, in the currency stipulated on the payment instructions. You can use your own bank to make this transfer. Make sure that your bank quote the reference number you have been given in the PDF. This ensures your tuition fee is easily identifiable by Coventry University and that the application of the payment to your student account does not incur any delay.

  • When you visit Global Pay for Students, select the 'United Kingdom' option as the country 'Where your bank is located', and then select the first option on the list; 'bank transfer'. You will be able to obtain a quote containing the full IBAN details necessary for you to pay your fees.

    It is important to note that in doing this, you will need to cover any bank transfer fees that may be charged as a result of the transfer. These same charges would still be incurred should you have made a transfer directly to Coventry University account.

    Please note that you are NOT able to make a card payment in GBP from an overseas card.

  • The number one priority for Convera and your institution is the security of your payment and your personal information. Tuition fee fraud is a hugely growing area of concern to financial institutions and international governments. As a result, Convera carry out more fraud checks and provide more payment protections than any other online payment provider.

  • The web page meets the industry standard of 128-bit encryption, and the credit card processing is subject to the standard validations and authorisation process operated industry-wide.

    Security code validation and 3D Secure, an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions, are integral to the card authorisation process managed by the Payment Service Provider (PSP). On top of this, we have introduced FraudSight, an algorithmic additional fraud protection that is constantly updated, taking advantage of fraud data from across the global education sector.

  • Convera employ secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology and display a valid security certificate on every page.

    GlobalPay for Students requires minimal personal information. Convera know you value your privacy and the information you provide will only be used for its intended purpose – in this case, processing your education payment. Also please note that Convera abides by the UK’s Data Protection Act of 1998 as well as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe.

  • If you have any questions regarding the service, we have a dedicated Customer Service team in several locations around the world that can aid you with any additional information on the service and its benefits and/or walk you through the process.

    For any of the above or any other related queries please contact by phoning:

    Or you can email Convera at

    • Intuitive, mobile friendly interface for a seamless payment experience.
    • Payment in local currency providing transparency around cost of the course.
    • Pay international fees by bank transfer or online e-wallet. If you arrange a bank transfer, the student is provided with an exchange rate valid for 72 hours to provide to the bank to make the payment.
    • Convenient payment methods including AliPay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, Trustly, Sofort, etc.
    • Track your payment step by step.
    • Peace of mind that your full payment is received by Coventry University.
    • Multi language platform: French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Indonesian, English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Hindi.
    • Customer support service to help you in every step.
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