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Driving, Transportation & Pedestrians

Travelling around Coventry and further afield is very easy and also safe. Most of the UK is accessible by public transport, with train, bus and cars being the most commonly used methods of transport. Make sure that you make most of your time in the UK, by spending any breaks in your study and the weekend to visit other places and attractions in the country. 

As always there are rules that you will have to adhere to when travelling. You must hold a valid driving licence to drive in the UK. For further information on the validity of driving licences issued outside the UK, please refer to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or the UKCISA guidance on driving in the UK.

So that you are safe when walking around the city you should also make sure that you understand your responsibility as a pedestrian, please refer to The Highway Code: Rules for Pedestrians (1 to 35).

Public transport

Coventry University is located in the heart of the city, which makes it an ideal place to live. For that reason, you may not need to use public transport very often while studying with us. However, if you do, information about all of Coventry’s bus routes, timetables and fares is available online. Further information on public transport within Coventry, or if you wish to travel outside of the city, is available on the Visit Coventry and Warwickshire Tourist Information website.


Travel discounts

To make your travel around Coventry and the rest of the UK as affordable as possible, you should make sure that you take full benefit of the range of discounts available to you to save money and still see all you can.

You can obtain rail and coach cards from the local ticket offices.

These cards enable you to save 1/3 on many normal adult fares, but check conditions before purchasing.

NUS (National Union of Students) Card

This card can be purchased from the University’s Students’ Union (CUSU) in the Hub for £12. It provides hundreds of discounts in the UK. Find out more information about the benefits of the NUS card.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

This can be purchased locally for £12 and enables you to obtain discounts plus a variety of student concessions when you travel abroad. Further information about the International Student Identity Card.

Alternatively, you can purchase a combined NUS card to include ISIC. 


*You will need passport-sized photographs when purchasing any of these.