Student Batch Scheme

Students that are currently in the UK with an unconditional offer to study at Coventry University, or extending their visa for their current course in Coventry, are advised to submit their visa application through the International Student Support Team, located in the Student Centre.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service to students applying overseas or from outside the Coventry area.

Within Coventry we operate the 'Student Batch Scheme' which allows trained immigration advisers within Coventry University to check and submit your Tier 4 application on your behalf to the Home Office.


Why should you use the Student Batch Scheme?

  • The Student Batch Scheme service is free to Coventry University students and applicants holding an unconditional offer.
  • A trained immigration adviser will check your application carefully, as well as all supporting documentation.
  • International Student Advisers may be able to write a supporting letter explaining any anomalies in your application. Please note you will still need to be able to meet the Immigration Rules at the time of your application, so do not expect an adviser to write a letter for you if you are unable to demonstrate this.
  • Coventry University will pay for special delivery postage. This ensures your documents are insured when they are sent.
  • The International Student Support Team will monitor your application and will be listed as a point of contact if the Home Office have any queries about your application.
  • Secure receipt of your passport, new visa and supporting documents returned to the International Office.


How do I use the Student Batch Scheme at Coventry University?

We recommend that students start preparing their application three months before their visa is due to expire. Every step of the batch procedure must be followed if you wish to take advantage of this service, so do not leave it too late. Here is a brief summary of the procedure that needs to be followed:

  1. Start preparing your online Tier 4 application three months before your visa is due to expire. It is essential you view our guide to the online application whilst you are completing the form.
  2. If you have any problems whilst filling the form out, or have any questions regarding the form, you can email us at 
  3. When filling out the form online, once you get to the ‘Check your application’ page, make sure that you STOP before you click 'Next'. If you do, you cannot edit your application any more, and if we find any errors you will have to start all over again!
  4. You must use ‘International Office, Coventry University, Priory Street, Coventry, CV1 5FB’ as your correspondence address. The University can securely receive correspondence regarding your application to this address, as well as your documents when they are returned.
  5. Once you have completed the form online, as noted in point 3, and gathered ALL the accompanying evidence, contact us to book an appointment with an International Student Adviser, either by coming to the Student Centre or by emailing You will then be given a date and time to come and attend an appointment with a qualified adviser. Please download our guide to extending your visa for the documents you will need.
  6. When you attend the appointment at the Student Centre, it is very important that everything is completed; otherwise you may not be able to participate in the batch scheme. Please ensure that you bring your username, password and memorable word to log-in to the Home Office’s website, and also ensure that you bring your bank account details so that you can pay the Home Office’s application fee.
  7. Once the form has been checked by an adviser, they will assist you through the pages requesting payment details. You will not be paying the University, your payment will go to the Home Office through an online payment system. Your International Student Adviser will then take your signed application and supporting documents from you to be sent to the Home Office.
  8. Within a few weeks of the Home Office receiving your documents, Coventry University will receive a letter in the post from them. This letter will request you attend a registered Post Office to enrol your biometric details. We will contact you via your university email address for you to come and collect this invitation letter as you must take it with you to the Post Office. The closest Post Office to the Coventry campus at which you can enrol your biometric details is in Birmingham at 1 Pinfold Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 4AA.
  9. Approximately eight weeks after your biometrics appointment, you can expect the International Office to receive your passport and documents. You will again be emailed to ask you to visit the Student Centre to collect your documents and sign for them.

To make use of this service you must complete the required application form and gather your supporting documents before making an appointment to see an Adviser, who will check through your application.

Using the Batch Scheme does not guarantee that you will be granted your visa and the International Student Support Team cannot influence the decision in any way. Coventry University reserves the right to refuse to send any application through the Student Batch Scheme.


What happens after I have handed in my application?

Copies will be made of all the documents that have been submitted. These will be saved securely by Coventry University and a further copy given to you for your records. Applications are usually submitted the same day if they are provided before 12pm.

The Home Office will send an acknowledgement letter and a Biometric Invitation letter to the University, which you must respond to promptly. We will contact you via your student email address; make sure you have access to this and check it regularly. We will contact you if the Home Office has any questions about your application. When your passport and BRP card is returned we will also email you to collect them from us.


How long will my application take?

Most applications usually should be returned in approximately eight weeks; however it may take longer, especially at busy times of the year.

Please do not contact us for an update on your application within this time. We will contact you using your student email address as soon as we hear anything from the Home Office and are unable to contact the Home Office on anyone’s behalf to request an update on an application.

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