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Accountancy BSc (Hons) Coventry University

A good accountant is an asset to practically all forms of business. Upon successful completion of this course, you could gain the skills to prove your value in a variety of sectors.  

Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons) Coventry University

Understanding the financial world can lead you down many potential future career paths, and a degree in Accounting and Finance can give you the best start.

Accounting and Finance for International Business BSc (Hons) top-up Coventry University

Do you speak another language? If finance piques your interest too, then international accounting could be the ideal career path for you.

Advertising and Marketing BA (Hons) Coventry University

Develop an understanding of creative, analytical, interpersonal and communications skills to find new and exciting ways to understand, attract and engage customers.

Banking and Finance BSc (Hons) Coventry University

Our Banking and Finance BSc course aims to provide you with sound financial knowledge to set you for a future career in the fast-paced banking and financial sector.

Business Administration BBA (Hons) Coventry University

Interested in developing an all-round business skillset? A degree in Business Administration can help you apply theory to real-life business scenarios and allow you to explore contemporary business thought and practice.

Business and Finance BSc (Hons) Coventry University

Our Business and Finance BSc (Hons) course focuses on teaching and training you, aiming to provide you with sound financial knowledge placed in a business context.

Business and Human Resource Management BA (Hons) Coventry University

Understand the importance of being able to recruit, select, develop, motivate, performance manage and reward employees efficiently and effectively to help organisations realise their business goals.

Business and Marketing BA (Hons) Coventry University

From roles in digital marketing and social media, to marketing strategy and planning, successfully completing our Business and Marketing BA (Hons) course can lead to exciting potential career options.

Business Economics BSc (Hons) Coventry University

A Business Economics degree can teach you how to help a business make massive savings, making you an extremely valuable future employee.

Business Enterprise and Innovation Management BA (Hons) top-up Coventry University

With this course, you could learn the business enterprise and innovation skills needed to help organisations get ahead – or decide to start your own company to challenge them.

Business Management BA (Hons) Coventry University

Managing businesses and people requires serious and honed leadership skills. Studying Business Management can set you up for the top!

Digital Marketing BA (Hons) Coventry University

Develop practical digital marketing skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of how marketing operates in today’s digital world.

Economics BSc (Hons) Coventry University

Economics is a social science which focuses on the allocation of scarce resources among competing needs. It affects us all, with almost every aspect of modern society, from the taxes we pay to the price of anything we buy, dictated by economic forces.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship BA (Hons) Coventry University

Developing your own entrepreneurial venture or project alongside your academic study? Enterprise and Entrepreneurship BA (Hons) offers you the opportunity to develop your personal entrepreneurial skills through dedicated modules.    

Event Management BA (Hons) Coventry University

It takes refined organisational skills to pull off a large event and an Event Management degree can help you succeed in this major industry.

Finance and Investment BSc (Hons) Coventry University

A Finance and Investment BSc can help you gain the skills and confidence to offer sound financial advice that could change someone’s future.

Finance BSc (Hons) Coventry University

A Finance degree from Coventry, with our dedicated Employment Personal Tutors could lead to a career in investment banking or City trading. 

Finance MBus Coventry University

The global financial sector has developed rapidly in recent years. Our Finance MBus could help to equip you with the necessary skills to spot, analyse and resolve complex problems in a strategic way, and effectively harness the rapid changes in the financial sector.

Financial Economics BSc (Hons) Coventry University

From the banks to the stock market, you can learn how financial systems operate internationally when studying our Financial Economics BSc.

International Business BA (Hons) top-up Coventry University

Aimed at international students who have already successfully completed either one or two years of their undergraduate studies, this direct entry international business course will enable you to complete the final years of your undergraduate degree with Coventry Business School. A version of this course is also available for online study through Coventry University Online.

International Business Management BSc (Hons) Coventry University

With modern business environments becoming more global, this degree aims to improve understanding of international business contexts.

International Event and Hospitality Management BA (Hons) top-up Coventry University

If you have qualifications in this industry, our international course can boost you to degree level in Event and Hospitality Management.

International Law Studies LLB (Hons) top-up Coventry University

In a globalised world an understanding of international Law is increasingly important for business success. This course enables you to build on your previous study of Law to gain an LLB degree.

International Marketing BA (Hons) top-up Coventry University

Are you an overseas student hoping to top-up your degree? This potentially career-boosting International Marketing course might be for you!

Law LLB (Hons) Coventry University

Whether you have a passion for Law or Business, studying Law can help to sharpen the mind, build an analytical skillset and develop problem-solving abilities.  

Marketing BA (Hons) Coventry University

For those with creative flair, analytical minds and a love of communicating, our Marketing BA (Hons) course could, upon successful completion, lead to a potential future career in this exciting field.

Sport Management BA (Hons) Coventry University

Combine your passion for sport with management knowledge and skills to kick-start your career in the dynamic and exciting sports industry.