Undergraduate study

Dance BA (Hons)

You will study contemporary choreography and performance skills as well as learning how to work with professional choreographers and managing being in a professional performance festival.

Digital Media BA (Hons)

Digital storytelling, media design, creative technologies and looking at digital cultures and audiences will allow you to work within a range of contexts to expand your creative, technical and critical thinking abilities.

Journalism BA (Hons)

You will produce tailored journalistic products online and for print, radio and television, whilst incorporating the latest technologies, including social media platforms and live blogs, to innovate your practice.

Media and Communications BA (Hons)

This course responds and develops every day to the challenge of what it means to be a media professional in 21st Century. Our course is continually evolving, with input from world-leading experts, researchers, practitioners and industry professionals.

Media Production BA (Hons)

Using key media technologies, you will start to develop your own individual professional profile eventually producing a portfolio of the highest-quality work of your choice.

Music BA (Hons)

A musician’s career will often involve being a professional performing musician, a composer, a classroom or instrumental teacher, and sometimes all at once! Perhaps you want to compose for film or games, or for instruments and voices? Do you write music for your band or school group? Do you want to hone your ensemble performance skills? 

Music Technology BSc (Hons)

You will explore subjects on: music composition and production in various contexts, sound recording;, the scientific principles of sound, acoustics and musical instrument; the contemporary music and creative business environment.

Photography BA (Hons)

From the outset we will enable you to develop your technical skills, and introduce you to historical themes and contextual questions so you’re better equipped to think as an informed image-maker.

Theatre and Professional Practice BA (Hons)

Taking a mixture of practical and theory with in-house and public performances throughout the year you will be encouraged to reflect on your own practice. 

Theatre Making and Young People BA (Hons)

This new course will be structured around four key modules that have been designed in association with our industry partners.You will study modules in which you examine the historical, political and social contexts in which young people’s theatre work is made.