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Business Analytics MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

This course responds to the current growing demand and a significant shortage of highly trained analysts capable of interpreting data to find new patterns and relationships, informing business decisions accordingly so as to drive growth and successful business performance.

Digital Marketing Management MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

Marketing is constantly evolving – with social media, new retail channels and disruptive technologies all playing major roles in its development, offering opportunities and risks in equal measure. Step into this world, and explore how to manage marketing within it, with our Digital Marketing Management MSc.

Finance MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

Are you interested in a career in a finance profession? By studying our MSc Finance, you should be able to gain the skills and knowledge needed, with pathways that allow you to focus on a particular area of interest.

FinTech MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

The use of financial technology (FinTech) sees financial markets becoming ever more innovative and dynamic; studying this course should help prepare you for a career in FinTech or provide you with the knowledge needed to operate effectively, in other financial sectors being affected by technology.

International Business Management MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

This master’s level course aims to prepare you for managerial roles across the emerging global borderless economy. The course offers you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of international business challenges, together with the skills and expertise required to negotiate them successfully. 

International Marketing Management MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

In the globalised business environment, we believe that marketing stands out as one of the key factors contributing to the success of any business.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Coventry University (Coventry) 100% online study

Studied on campus or 100% online, this MBA course aims to teach you how to respond to the needs of the modern world, by thinking critically and strategically in seeking solutions to complex business problems.

Principles of Law PGCert Coventry University (Coventry)

The Postgraduate Certificate in Principles of Law course is an intensive course that covers key principles and concepts of the law of England and Wales, and is aimed primarily at graduates from non-law disciplines and overseas.