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Automotive and Transport Design MA Coventry University (Coventry)

This course offers you the opportunity to develop core skills demanded by design studios or global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Business and Organisational Psychology MSc Coventry University (Coventry) 100% online study

Studied on campus or 100% online, this MSc course will help to understand and apply psychological and behavioural factors relating to individuals and organisations in the workplace. 

Communication, Culture and Media MA Coventry University (Coventry)

Do you enjoy following important issues of the day or wish to pursue a media-based career? We engage with contemporary developments and debates in media, communication and culture.

Criminal Justice MA Coventry University (Coventry)

This interdisciplinary and practical course provides you with the opportunity to develop an advanced level understanding of the inter-relationship between law, justice and punishment.

Design Management MA Coventry University (Coventry)

As a Design Management student you will develop skills in the leadership and management of creative practice and associated practitioners, with the capability to support effective outcomes and operations in businesses where creative activity is a part of their overall strategy.

English and Education Management MA Coventry University (Coventry)

This course offers an advanced academic study of English literature and language, and gives you the knowledge base necessary to become an effective instructor and manager in a variety of education settings.

English and Writing for Creative Industries MA Coventry University (Coventry)

If you have a passion for storytelling, the English and Writing for Creative Industries MA aims to take your skills and turn you into an ‘industry-ready’ professional.

English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics MA Coventry University (Coventry)

This Master’s course aims to provide specialist professional development for English Language Teaching (ELT).

English Literature MA Coventry University (Coventry)

MA English Literature explores the interrelations between literature and the environments in which it is produced and received.

Film and Media Production MA Coventry University (Coventry)

This course welcomes creatives with a passion for storytelling and who seek to engage new forms of the spectator within the context of remediated traditions of film and media practice.

Graphic Design MA Coventry University (Coventry)

This course is for you if you want to enhance your existing professional portfolio and expand and deepen your understanding of graphic design practice.

Illustration and Animation MA Coventry University (Coventry)

The Illustration and Animation MA aims to expand digital and physical knowledge of your craft, helping you find your own ‘voice’ and style.

Interior Design MA Coventry University (Coventry)

The Interior Design MA provides you with the chance to really discover who ‘you’ are as a designer and perfect your individual style.

International Relations MA Coventry University (Coventry)

Our International Relations MA is both theoretical and practical and aims to prepare you for a career dealing with complex world issues.

Media Management MA Coventry University (Coventry)

Want to learn about the rapidly changing media world and develop a role where you can contribute and influence the industry? Then this exciting course may be for you.

Photography MA Coventry University (Coventry)

Our Photography MA offers an exciting opportunity for emerging practitioners in the field of photography and its associated forms to develop their work via a series of key interrogations.

Popular Music MA Coventry University (Coventry)

This course aims to develop your creative, critical, technical and culturally aware skills as a popular music practitioner to develop, craft, perform, co-create, immerse and share in the field of popular music.

Sociology and Social Research MA Coventry University (Coventry)

In a world of rapid and disruptive social change and pressing social problems, MA Sociology and Social Research provides intellectual and practical tools to navigate its challenges and opportunities.

Virtual and Augmented Reality MA Coventry University (Coventry)

This course aims to help develop the creative, critical and technical skills required for practitioners to develop, craft, perform, co-create and share immersive arts experiences.