UCAS Track and Key Dates (2018 entry)

When you’ve made your application to Coventry University through UCAS, you’ll need to wait to see the decision made by the University. The Admissions Officers will look over and assess your application and it may be sent to the faculty for a second opinion.

When a decision has been made you will receive an email from UCAS notifying you that the status of one of your choices has changed on UCAS Track. You’ll then be able to view whether you have received a Conditional/Unconditional offer or been unsuccessful.

Many of our courses invite applicants to an interview, audition or portfolio review; the invite for this will be sent via e-mail. This is your chance to meet the course tutors and find out more about the University and course as well as being your time to shine. Our tutors want you to do well at interview and are interested in finding out about your ways of working and why you are interested in your chosen subject. Each subject is looking for different things from you so your invite to interview will contain more detailed information of what you can expect from the day and anything you will need to prepare.

UCAS have several deadlines that you will need to be aware of to secure your place at university, and we’ve included some other important dates for you to be aware of:

January 2018

Deadline for UCAS to receive your completed application for the majority of UK courses to guarantee that it is considered by your university choices. Some schools and sixth forms have their own earlier internal deadline so make sure you know what this is.

January 2018

Student Finance opens for applications. You don’t need to be certain of your course or university as you can change these details at a later date. However, the application process can take some time and you’re advised to apply early to ensure that your finance is in place for when you start your course.

25 February 2018

UCAS Extra begins. This is for people who were declined by all of their choices or who turned down all of their offers. You can only apply to one university at a time through Extra and cannot make an Insurance choice.

February 2018

Application forms for Coventry University scholarships are usually available on the website from February. You can apply with your predicted grades so don't need to wait until results day.

2 May 2018

If you have received all of your university decisions by 31 March you must reply to your offers by 2 May or these offers will be declined.

3 May 2018

If you applied by 15 January, universities have until 3 May to decide whether to make you an offer.

31 May 2018

Last day for Student Finance to receive your application for funds to be released at the start of your course.

7 June 2018 

If you received all of your university/college choices by 3 May you need to reply to any offers by 7 June or they will be declined.

21 June 2018 

If you received all of your university/college choices by 7 June you need to reply to any offers by 21 June or they will be declined.

30 June 2018

Any applications received after 6pm on 30 June will automatically enter Clearing.

19 July 2018

You need to reply to any outstanding offers (including offers through Extra) by this date or they will be declined.

16 August 2018

A-Level results day, Clearing vacancies will be published today. Adjustment will also open for students whose exam results were better than expected.

31 August 2018

Applications for most Coventry University scholarships close on 31st August. Check each scholarship you are interested in as some deadlines may be earlier. The Funding Team must have received your application by the deadline for it to be considered.