The 2019 programme: Ecosystem of peace

RISING sees its role as the global source of inspiration for leaders, academics and practitioners in their three-stranded efforts to initiate, make and develop peace, both between nation-states and at grassroots community level.

The ecology of peace theme in 2019 recognises that the complex, time-consuming and risky business of making and sustaining peace takes many forms, each working together to understand and address issues of poverty, climate change and multilateral dialogue.

The schedule of events being planned in 2019 includes:

  • RISING Forward – June 4th/5th – a panel debate to consider what are the practical steps that need to be taken for the UK and the EU to move forward in peace after Brexit - with UK and European politicians at the Normandy Peace Forum in Caen, France
  • RISING Geography – July 15th/16th – a symposia to discuss how the unique contribution that geography and geographers can make to understanding and sustaining peace – with academics from across the UK at Coventry University. The keynote speaker is Dr Sara Koopman, one of the world’s leading political geographers from Kent State University, Ohio
  • RISING Mexico – September 18th and 20th – a workshop to explore what needs to be done, in the light of mass-migration across central America, to restore peaceful communities – with policymakers, academics and practitioners at the CIDE Thinktank in Mexico City and the University of Monterrey, in Monterrey
  • RISING Global Peace Forum – November 13th/15th – our annual Forum including keynote presentations, panel discussions and workshops and a gala dinner to examine the many interconnected ways that different factors combine to make peace and peaceful coexistence possible. Through the theme of ‘The Ecosystem of Peace’ the Forum will look at peace as a kind of ecosystem, where top-down political decisions, as well as bottom-up civic actions in areas such as culture, education, the environment, faith, leadership and women’s rights combine to sustain peace. The keynote speakers alredy confirmed for the Forum include two former Prime Ministers, one from Europe and one from the southern hemisphere
  • Also, new for 2019, the Global Peace Forum will incorporate the award of the Coventry Peace Prize and the delivery of the annual Coventry Lord Mayor’s Peace Lecture.

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