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Meryem Abdelhafid How it Feels Like: The Lived Experiences of Veiled and Unveiled Algerian Muslim Women in the UK” Dr Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor
Habiba Musa Ahmed Conflicts in the Niger Delta: analysis of causes, impacts, and resolution strategies Dr James Malcolm 
Ola Alkahlout  Zakat Fund and Peace-building in the Middle East Dr Alpaslan Ozerdem
Nancy Annan Exploring the Contributions of Local Infrastructures for Peace in Post-Conflict Societies: The Case of Liberia Professor Gordon Crawford
Solenne Avet The cognitive sources of ethical behaviour in business Professor Rosalind Searle
Rana Aytug A cross-rational analysis of youth mobilization in public space: spatializing peacebuilding in theory, practice and policy  Dr Christopher Shanahan
Maurice Ufon Beseng  Maritime Security Cooperation Against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing: Case of Cameroon Dr Ioannis Chapsos
Mphatso Boti Phiri Leadership and Regionalism in Peace Operations: African Union in relation to United Nations and Southern African Development Community (SADC)  Dr Alpaslan Ozerdem
Eve Buck-Matthews  Festivals: Reframing and Re-presenting Young People Dr Christopher Shanahan
Ian Calliou Panacea, Placebo, or Problem: An examination of prescribed transitional justice in Canada Professor Matt Qvortrup 
Kusminder Chahal  Racist Violence and the Victim’s Perspective Professor Harris Beider 
Samandeep Chouhan Conscious v Subconscious cultural prejudices – Underrepresentation of the British South-Asian identity within English football Professor Hazel Barret 
Christopher Day How do emotions manifest in groups and collectives Dr Gavin Sullivan
Yasin Duman Rethinking Ethnic and Religious Identities in the Context of Refugee Integration Professor Alpaslan Ozerdem
Tom Fisher Research impact and its measurement: a case study on the changing nature of academic practice Dr Joel Busher
Awah Fomunyam How The Human Security Concept Could Be Operationalised For More Effective Disaster Management In Countries Influenced By Neopatrimonialism' Professor Alpaslan Ozerdem
Emmanuel Gore Transitional Justice and Reconciliation: Conduit for Peace or Harbinger of Violent Conflict: The Case of South Sudan.  Professor Alpaslan Ozerdem
Kira Gruenewald Why is it so Hard to Repair Trust in Banks? - Trust Restoration Activities in the Banking Sector Reader Ann-Marie Nienaber
Varsha Gyawali Recovering from victimization to becoming stakeholder: an evolving journey of empowerment in transitioning Nepal Professor Gordon Crawford
Alison Halford How do Mormon women in Britain negotiate gender equality? Dr Kristin Aune 
Hafza Iqbal To explore the journey that Sufis have taken, from the Indian subcontinent in the twentieth century, to modern day Britain. Dr Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor
Kamaljit Kaur Barriers and Enables of older people’s participation in social activities in the  Professor Hazel Barret 
Kanwal (Bobbi) Khilji An exploration of identities of Pakistani women and their children: Implications on everyday life  Professor Hazel Barret 
Shirley Lewis A critical exploration of birth parent’s experiences of adoption from care Professor Hazel Barret 
Peter Tendaiwo Maregere  The "(Un)finished Business of Transitional Justice" in South Africa: "The Past is in the Present" Professor Alpaslan Ozerdem
Arianna Mazzieri The role of the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness within the new international aid architecture.  Professor Gordon Crawford
Rami Mohammed Trust and distrust in the UK Banking Sector: The Influence of Stereotype & Stereotype Threat for Arabs. Professor Rosalind Searle
Samra Mursaleen An Exploration of the impact of Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri’s work on counter terrorism: A case study of Minhaj-ul-Quran UK Dr Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor
Saima Nafis Innovation for Dementia & Cognitive Impairment: Evaluation of Digital Health and Wellbeing Apps in ‘Real-Life’ Residential Settings Professor Ala Szczepura
Pascal Niyonkuru Women's Economic Empowerment in Post-conflict Rwanda: Social justice vs Rapid economic development Professor Hazel Barret 
Elizabeth Norman To what extent can existent international legislation provide an answer to the legal dilemma surrounding the rights of child pirates? Dr Ioannis Chapsos
Sinead Ouillon The role of arts and culture in engaging citizens in the Circular Economy Dr Joel Busher
Lucy Jane Peacock How does Three Faiths Forum foster peaceful relations? Developing an understanding of the complexity of faith in Britain's Schools Dr Kristin Aune 
Jasmine Peak  Communities with communities- an eco-system to support ageing in place Professor Hazel Barret 
Justina Pinkeviciute The promise of justice through transition: between land de-politicisation and territories of hope. Professor Gordon Crawford 
Tara Quinn No real return: How women’s struggles for land rights and equality influence prospects for sustainable peacebuilding in Sri Lanka Professor Heaven Crawley 
Sana Rais From Non-violence to Violence: A Comparative Study of the Khudai Khidmatgar Movement and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Professor Alpaslan Ozerdem
Daniel Range The role of institutional trust in intergroup contact and prejudice reduction Professor Mike Hardy 
Charlie Rumsby Children on the margins: integration strategies and role religion plays in producing a culture of peace’ Professor Mike Hardy 
Kalwinder (Kindy) Sandhu Agency within the continuum of Gender Based Violence: British South Asian women’s lived experiences and consequences of familial and intimate partner violence Professor Hazel Barret 
Mandeep Singh Sehmi Attitudes to marriage within the British Asian Sikh Community in the21st Century  Dr Kristin Aune 
Thea Shahrokh Young migrants’ lives - negotiating agency, belonging and ‘marginality’ in South Africa Dr EJ Milne 
Taru Silvonen Informal social networks as a development framework – the case of Mexico City Dr Joel Busher
Hannah Smith Analysing the impact of self-financing on the success and sustainability of development CBOs in The Gambia. Professor Gordon Crawford 
Mahmoud Soliman Mobilization and Demobilization of the Palestinian Society Towards Popular Resistance  Dr Marwan Darweish 
Emma Stephens Service provision and the transition into adulthood for victims of child sexual exploitation Professor Hazel Barret 
Laura Sulin From international norms to local relevance: a study of the implementation of "Women, Peace and Security" resolutions in South Africa Professor Mike Hardy 
Ahmed Tannira Foreign aid as an instrument of social engineering and control: The case of Gaza Strip in Palestine  Professor Gordon Crawford
Stephen Thorpe Deepening democracy? Citizen engagement and Coventry's bid for City of Culture 2021. Professor Hazel Barret 
Paulette Toppin Developing Future Leaders for Public Service: Through the Cultural Lens Professor Rosalind Searle
Jennifer Verson  Performing Peace: Applied Performance and Scriptural Reasoning as a Peacebuilding Process  Dr Christopher Shanahan
Sanne Weber  The unhappy marriage of victimhood and citizenship in transitional justice: Exploring the potential of gender-just transformative reparations in Colombia Dr Michaelina Jakala
Nana Zakama  Preventing youth radicalization in Northern Nigeria : an early warning early response perspective Professor Alpaslan Ozerdem
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