Here we offer a sample of the outputs C-DaRE have produced and contributed to.


Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices

Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices

The JDSP provides a space for scholars and practitioners whose research interests focus on the relationship between dance and somatic practices.


Art and Dance in Dialogue cover

Art and Dance in Dialogue: Body, Space, Object

Edited by Sarah Whatley, Imogen Racz, Katerina Paramana, Marie-Louise Crawley

This interdisciplinary book brings together essays that consider how the body enacts social and cultural rituals in relation to objects, spaces, and the everyday., and how these are questioned, explored, and problematised through, and translated into dance, art, and performance.

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Error, Ambiguity and Creativity cover

Error, Ambiguity and Creativity: A Multidisciplinary Reader

Editors Sita Popat and Sarah Whatley

This book offers a set of eleven discipline-specific chapters from across the arts, humanities, psychology, and medicine. Each contributor considers the creative potential of error and/or ambiguity, defining these terms in the particular context of that discipline and exploring their values and applications.

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Performance Research, Volume 20, Issue 6 cover

Performance Research, Volume 20, Issue 6: On An/Notations

Issue editors: Scott deLahunta, Kim Vincs and Sarah Whatley

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2015) 20:6

On An/notations considers the potential of the surface of the page, alongside other surfaces, including the screen, as sites for engaging with and thinking through performance ideas and processes.

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Dance Fields cover

Dance Fields: Staking a Claim for Dance Studies in the Twenty-First Century, 2020

Editors Ann R. David, Michael Huxley and Sarah Whatley

In 2017 the dance research community gathered in London for the first major international conference on dance studies in the UK for twenty years. Emerging out of that conference, this volume marks the significant ‘moment in time’ in the history and development of Dance Studies as an academic discipline.
Exchanging, Moving, Translating cover

Exchanging, Moving, Translating: Thoughts on Dance and Disability

Editors: Carla Vendramin, Hetty Blades, Kate Marsh and Sarah Whatley

This book presents actions, experiences and reflections about dance and disability held in Brazil and in the United Kingdom, related to projects developed in universities in an intrinsic relationship with communities and artists.

The full ebook is available to download. Except as otherwise stated this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Performing Process cover

Performing Process: Sharing Dance and Choreographic Practice

Editors: Hetty Blades and Emma Meehan

Intellect Ltd © 2018 (October)

The chapters in this collection examine the methods, politics and philosophy of sharing choreographic process, aiming to uncover theoretical repercussions of and the implications for forms of knowledge, the appreciation of dance, education and artistic practices.

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Dance Matters in Ireland cover

Dance Matters in Ireland

Editors: Aoife McGrath and Emma Meehan 

© 2018

This book addresses the need for critical scholarship about contemporary dance practices in Ireland. Bringing together key voices from a new wave of scholarship to examine recent practice and research in the field of contemporary dance, it examines the excitingly diverse range of choreographers and works that are transforming Ireland’s performance landscape.
Some Things About Dance cover

Some Things About Dance

This digital book is a collection of playful ideas or things about the art of dance. Each brief chapter is self-contained, and covers a range of topics to do with things like collaboration, creativity, communication and practice.

Some Things About Dance is available for download via Leanpub. The book is Pay What You Want, and 80% of any profits will be given to Chisenhale Dance Space in London. The remaining 20% will go to choreographer and artist Hamish MacPherson for his work on the book's illustrations.
 World of Muscle, Bone & Organs cover

A World of Muscle, Bone & Organs: Research and Scholarship in Dance

Editors: Simon Ellis, Hetty Blades and Charlotte Waelde

A World of Muscle, Bone & Organs: Research and Scholarship in Dance is an e-book exploring contemporary ideas and themes in the research and practice of dance. It contains 23 chapters written by researchers at the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE), Coventry University, and is divided into six sections: Spaces of Practice, Philosophy, Communities, Politics, Data and Thinking, and Epistemology.

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Media Practices, Social Movements, and Performativity cover

Media Practices, Social Movements, and Performativity: Transdisciplinary Approaches

Editors: Susanne Foellmer, Margreth Lünenborg and Christoph Raetzsch

Routledge 2018

The volume presents international case studies on the new dynamics of protest, articulation and community along with two programmatic articles on the role and legacies of performativity in the affiliated disciplines. The case studies cover a wide cultural and geographical terrain - from Mexico to Japan, from Germany to Greece.Find out more about Media Practices.
Dance, Disability and Law cover

Dance, Disability and Law: Invisible Difference

Editors Sarah Whatley, Charlotte Waelde, Shawn Harmon, Abbe Brown, Karen Wood, and Hetty Blades

Intellect Ltd © 2018

This collection is the first book to focus on the intersection of dance, disability, and the law. Bringing together a range of writers from different disciplines, it considers the question of how we value, validate, and speak about diversity in performance practice.

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Digital Echoes cover


Editors: Sarah Whatley, Rosamaria K. Cisneros, Amalia Sabiescu

This book explores the interplay between performing arts, intangible cultural heritage anddigital environments through a compendium of essays on emerging practices and case studies,as well as critical, historical and theoretical perspectives.

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Performace Research Volume 22 cover


Issue editors: Susanne Foellmer & Richard Gough

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2017) 22:8

This issue asks about the consequences and specific modalities of leftovers in the performing and visual arts as well as in broader cultural and social contexts.

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The Peforming Subject in the Space of Technology cover

The Performing Subject in the Space of Technology: Through the Virtual, Towards the Real

Editors: Matthew Causey, Emma Meehan, Néill O’Dwyer

Palgrave Macmillan 2015

The Performing Subject in the Space of Technology challenges perceived notions of ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ in a collection of fascinating essays.It explores the ubiquity of technology in both academia and professional practice, emphasising the experience of body/ technology encounters.’ – Sita Popat, University of Leeds, UK.

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