New paper from Mobility & Transport on ground-based support for solo-pilots

Tuesday 28 July 2015

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John Huddlestone, Don Harris, Dale Richards and Steve Scott have recently published a paper as part of the Future Flight Deck Technologies project in which an operational concept for single pilot operations is being developed.

The underpinning construct is that multiple single-pilot aircraft will be supported by a ground-based team using one or more ground stations to interact with the pilots and their aircraft. Concept development required detailed analysis of two-pilot operations to identify the functions and interactions that the second pilot engages in, to facilitate their reallocation or adaptation within the new system architecture. The application of Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) in this context revealed a number of issues related to the representation and interpretation of sequencing information in plans in HTAs presented in graphical form. The paper identifies these issues and presents a new graphical notation, derived from software design notations, for presenting hierarchical task decompositions. The use of the notation is illustrated with analysis examples from different phases of flight.

Following this, on Thursday 6th August, John Huddlestone will present the construct at the HCI International in Los Angeles.