Ghent and Coventry University Explore International Collaboration

Sunday 01 November 2015

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The Centre for Communities and Social Justice (CCSJ) were pleased to host colleagues from Ghent
, with a view to developing a collaborative relationship between CCSJ and the Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy. 

On Tuesday 3rd November, Prof. Dr. Rudi Roose, Prof. Dr.  Griet Roets and Dr. Lieve Bradt, whose primary areas of interest are are in the areas of poverty, childhood and youth, presented their research to CCSJ colleagues over a lunchtime seminar, and together colleagues explored  opportunities for collaboration between the two research groups, as well as Ghent and Coventry Universities more widely.

As part of the programme for the visit, CCSJ also invited PhD students, social work peers and research colleagues to attend a public lecture; 'Poverty, child protection and social work: from injustice to participation and back.'

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Research interests of the Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy