Composing with Found Sound: Festival of Social Science

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Friday 10 November 2023

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM


FabLab Coventry, Fargo Village



Event details

This event forms part of Coventry University's Festival of Social Science.

At FabLab Coventry we are all about creative expression, experimentation and learning interesting new digital and physical skills. We understand the importance of wellbeing and connecting with our environment in different ways. During our ‘Acoustic Ecology | Composing with Found Sounds’ session we will engage with the sounds of our environment and experiment with audio in different ways, using different techniques and processes, to create unique compositions.

Composition with Found Sounds is a session in which participants will explore different sonic possibilities in the local environment and ways to be creative with sound. The session will encourage participants to listen to the environment in a different way and use materials and objects in unconventional ways to make interesting sounds.

The ‘found sounds’ will then be transferred into a DAW (digital audio workstation) and they will be taught how to edit, manipulate, and compose with the audio recordings to create a unique piece of sound art/music. Participants will be welcome to use their voices in the form of poetry, spoken word and signing if they feel comfortable to do so. The work is completed and can take on a range of forms, with the technical skills instructor guiding and supporting participants to achieve what they are driven to create.

Who's leading the event?

Indie Prasad, FabLab Coventry


Young people who are interested in creative fields of music and sound design, learning to use audio recording hardware and editing software and experimenting with sound, spoken word and/or music.

*All children and young people (aged under 18) must be accompanied by an adult.