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Tuesday 17 March 2020

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


CAWR, Ryton Organic Gardens, CV8 3LG



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John Williamson has 25 years experience in Architectural Design, energy efficiency consultancy, project management & construction and is also visiting MSc lecturer in Passivhaus & Appropriate Technology to CAT, University of East London and Cambridge University. John has spoken on BRE, WAG, AECB & Passivhaus Institute study tours, seminars & conferences. Innovation is Core to Johns work as he continues to research and develop regenerative & permaculture design philosophies, systems and technologies whilst maintaining robust solutions grounded in practical construction experience. Recent GLASU Research projects to develop Passivhaus renovation air tightness solutions, monitoring and POE of new build Passivhaus offices in the UK climate and development of bio fuel aux heat solutions for Passivhaus heat loads have applied this approach.


JPW’s philosophy is always to reduce energy consumption & associated CO2 emissions first, and then apply appropriate renewable technology to achieve carbon neutrality or negative status if viable. Based on previous experience we focus on an air tight, thermal bridge free thermal envelope constructed from low embodied energy materials in conjunction with carefully designed heat recovery systems and low carbon auxiliary heat sources. Integrating these systems and execution of detail and commissioning on site has proved essential to successful outcomes and actual, not theoretical CO2 savings. John will discuss this approach with regard to Passivhaus new build and retrofit and explore the future integration of localised food production within such projects through the Permaculture Design process.

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